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spam killer software

Ella for Spam Control by Open Field Software, Inc.

Ella for Spam Control organizes your Inbox and keeps it free of spam! Works with Microsoft Outlook 2000/02/03 and Outlook Express 6 is the first Smart Inbox Assistant(tm), which learns by example how to kill spam and organize your email.

outlook express message categories spam control personal correspondence continuously adaptive learning email messages

patch software

Visual Patch by Indigo Rose Software

Provides software developers with a comprehensive solution for creating secure full-history software update patches. Visually indicates the differences among product releases and automatically builds only those changes into a single-file patch.

innovative software development software developers accuracy international cd rom autoplay media studio patch files patch developers

vb software

Hyperlink.OCX by Codebox Software

An ActiveX control for creating hyperlinks to open web pages or launch applications. displays the traditional ''pointing finger'' icon when the mouse hovers over it, and changes colour once a link has been visited.

email web pages ocx vb code samples activex control launch developers

internet connection sharing software

SolidShare Analyzer by Lijun Qin

SolidShare Analyzer can parse the log files generated by solidshare, generate report on bandwidth utilization and possible security problems use both graphical and text formation.

ftp protocol log entries server computer intranet web server local computer network shares email

compression software

Rarissimo File Compression with NTFS for FTP - Site License by Soft Experience

Packing file data and streams for use with a standard FTP not only Macintosh specific or transit via a non NTFS partition with sequential filenames to transfer. Initial Mac structures and NTFS W2K files properties are recovered during uncompression

interval universal naming convention scan source share folder target folders windows nt windows 2000

picture software

PictureTree by Vector Software Corp.

PictureTree is a powerful picture organization tool. PictureTree organizes your pictures by time, person and collection. PictureTree has many features including: Auto-Email capabilities, Slideshow, Screen Saver, Wallpaper Updating and many more.

friends and family free updates email thumbnail viewer collections nightmare time collection

screenshot software

! - M8 Multi Clipboard and Screen Capture by M8 Software(UK)

The M8 multi clipboard captures everything that you cut or copy from any program, text or graphics. It also captures screen shots and web graphics.

palette search facility libraries clipboard screen shots email m8

eye software

Eye of Horus by IRDI Soft

Webcam surveillance software featuring a highly configurable motion detection mechanism. Eye of Horus software will: Call you on your cellphone if an intruder is detected! Play a loud sound to scare the intruder away!

email keep an eye assets surveillance software ultimate home office eye of horus loud sound

web software

Web Questionnaire by Compressweb

Web questionnaire makes it easy to design feedback forms and online questionnaires with its WYSIWYG questionnaire editor. Replies are then retrieved via emails and copied to WQ automatically. No CGI or DB programs are needed.

php asp libraries email jsp outlook express format html library questions

ie software

They're Alive! by Optimus Software

Select a word or a phrase on any web page that you're reading and use that word / phrase to navigate further - find the dictionary definition, search for it on Google, look it up in references, etc.

favorite sites google imdb web page launch option selected definition search


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