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screen software

xatshow by ltd.

Make PC, TV, CD/DVD, Web slideshows and screensavers. Make five types of slideshow using your PC, DVD player,Web or digital camera to display your photos. Email your friends, upoad to your web site. Make a CD that can play in a PC or a DVD player.

pc dvd player image optimizer web slideshows additional software exe file xat email

monitor software

Yahoo! Messenger Spy Monitor 2007 by eMatrixSoft

Invisible messenger spy software that records all Yahoo! Messenger incoming and outgoing chat text. Send reports to your custom email address or ftp. Use your hotkey to activate it from complete stealth mode and protect programaccess by password.

email hotkey report function recorded messages secretly repeatedly please mail

web server monitor software

Server Monitor Free Edition by Power Admin LLC

Server Monitor has powerful features that are very simple to setup. The Free edition monitors web pages, ping response and the Windows event log, and response actions that can send SMTP email notifications, reboot the server, and more.

smtp email inbox email alerts monitors web pages server monitor email notifications

newsletter software

Nesox Email Marketer Business Edition by Nesox Solutions

Professional HTML email newsletter software and opt-in email marketing software for targeted mailing list building, email campaigns creating, bulk mailing and click tracking at your own computer.

opt in mailing email campaigns customer relationship management customer appreciations marketer mass mailing software opt in email marketing

spam software

Spam Crusher by American Systems

Spam Crusher is designed to filter unwanted email, while allowing the email you want to receive. Spam Crusher can be configured to filter multiple email accounts. Spam Crusher is really easy to set up. In just a few minutes you can be up and running.

getting smarter constantly email addresses several ways eliminate spam trash can junk mail

free software

RevTheWeb by Rev The Web

Rev The Web is a world-class Internet accelerator. Rev The Web works with any access, dialup, ISDN, wireless, satellite,DSL, cable, etc.Virtually all ISPs and your existing email address (AOL?++ is not accelerated).

web works advertisers banner ads simple every time address phone number internet explorer email address aol

email software

Lydia Email Agent by KAB Software

Lydia Email Agent is a small, fast windows program that monitors up to 15 email accounts. Lydia not only notifies you when new email arrives but also filters spam, lets you read your email, reply to email, send email and delete unwanted email.

email accounts monitors new email smtp settings spell check spam filtering attachments

spam software

Chrysanth Mail Manager by Chrysanth Software Sdn Bhd

Chrysanth Mail Manager is designed from the ground up to help users deal with the increasing problem of junk email or "SPAM". The program lets users identify and filter junk email on their mail server without having to download the email first.

mail manager short time email accounts graphs email viewer read emails filter junk

text analysis software

Anna Lise by Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Jakobsche

creates a table of the words in a file and their frequency (absolutely and relatively). If the file is an email address list ist can remove address duplicates and store a cleaned list. Text analysis results can be saved as HTML file

word count duplicates frequency annalise absolutely maillist email address list

jobfish software

JobFish by ButterflyVista

Empower your job search. Extract jobs from various job boards, such as with ease. Manage recruiters. Track job applications, schedules, interviews, and much more. Integrated email and browser. Interact with MS Outlook. Much more.

craigslist org recruiter recruiters preparing for an interview firm contacts contact job posting


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