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email software

Email Grabber & Sender by EMarkSofts

Email Grabber & Sender is a fast email address collector. It verifies e-mail addresses directly from the domain''s mail server using multiple connections.You can also send email while extracting.You do not need to use an POP/SMTP account to send emai

email collector e mail addresses mail server bulk email search button click of a button pop smtp

instant messaging software

SpreadMsg Lite by Compuquest, Inc.

* IMAP email server support! * Interactive 2-way wireless query/response, reply to sender, and info on demand - from your own data sources! * Launch other apps and processes from wireless devices or by email command * Remote email PC control

textual content data value server email match launch computer files parse

outlook software

ContactsCollector by StanfordTrident, Inc.

ContactsCollector automatically adds e-mail addresses for people you correspond with to your Address Book: it checks your outgoing mail for a new email addresses, retrieves the new contact name, and adds the contact. As simple as that.

business friends outgoing mail address book new email microsoft outlook contact name checks

email software

Malt Away by Vermalt

Forwards your email to cell phone, pager, or other email account. Text Reduction gives you 25% more text on text-limited devices. Customizable filters give you only the messages you want. By retaining the "From" address, you can reply immediately.

modem isdn customizable filters shareware archive registration costs shareware version forwarded messages phone pager

emoticons software

Emoticons Mail by MaxPlugs

Emoticons Mail makes it really easy to insert great graphical smileys in your Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express email messages. It takes just one click. Emoticons Mail allows you easy find and select emoticons from many categories.

little faces mail outlook express 5 tine email correspondence body language

mail software

PMMail 2000 Professional by Blueprint Software Works, Inc

PMMail 2000 Professional with PGP is the ideal email client for users with multiple email addresses or lots of mail. PMMail keeps your accounts separate and displays them in an easy to use 'Explorer' style interface.

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compiler software

Wiki2EXE by Zeno Systems

Wiki2EXE compiles wiki-like source code into stand alone programs. Several styles of linking are supported like: inline links, hyper links, email links, program links and document links.

syntax source code menus executables light duty chores

gather software

HS-Crawler by HS-Media GmbH

Email marketing is the ideal way to promote your business. HS-Crawler is a software designed to extract email addresses from web sites, search engines and Newsgroups.

crawler search engines newsgroups search engine results fullfill start today money

internet software

Address Monitor by Twilight Utilities

You have a broadband 24/7 connection but your ISP changes the address every few days? You would like to connect to your home PC but the address changed since you got to work? No problem! This handy utility monitors those changes and will email you!

few days handy utility isp monitors home pc broadband email

clipboard software

ClipCache Pro by xRayz Software

ClipCache Pro is like 3 powerful utilities in one: a powerful clipboard extender, a text editor featuring instant text cleanup, and a handy QuickPaste utility. Ideal for word-processing, email and web surfing. If you are gonna clip it, cache it!

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