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MailBase Email Archiver by NCH Software

MailBase is an email archiving program that runs in the background and keeps a copy of all incoming and outgoing emails without interfering with your normal email client.

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mail archive software

GFI MailArchiver for Exchange by GFI Software

Corporate email archiving enabling you to archive all internal and external mail, reducing reliance on PST files. Also provides users with access to past emails via a web-based interface. Aids in fulfilling regulatory requirements (such as SOX).

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email server software

Emailarchitect Email Server by AdminSystem Software Limited

EmailArchitect Email Server is a fast and secure email server supporting SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, SSL and WEBMAIL, web admin, domainkeys/DKIM, anti-spam/virus modules, global & private address books, multiple languages, SDK, mailing list service & more.

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outlook software

MsgSave by Sarcophagus Limited

MsgSave is an add-in component for Windows versions of Microsoft Outlook allowing the bulk saving of selected .msg files, folders or the entire Inbox to any drive or location on your PC or network.

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mail server software

netMailshar by PPP Infotech Ltd

netMailshar is an easy-to-use, powerful mail server that enables every computer in an office to send and receive email not only across the Internet but also within a LAN. It provides centralized, generic protection against all email viruses.

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email archiving software

E-Rkive by Gag Software Solution Pty Ltd

Archive e-mail with E-Rkive. The program interfaces with Microsoft Outlook, allowing you to archive, restore, search, filter and compress e-mail.

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mailscan for mailservers software

MailScan for Mail Server by MicroWorld Technologies Inc.

MailScan 5.5 for MailServer is the world''s first "Real-Time" antivirus and e-mail scanner for Mail Servers with NILP (Non Intrusive Learning Patters) technology to block SPAM.

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