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anti-spam software

Email Sentinel Pro by DS Development

Block unsafe email attachments, spam validators and protect confidential data.

anti-spam anti-spy anti-virus block convert pop3 imap http email message client html attachment image form script block unsafe email attachments spam validators protect confidential data

email software

DetachPipe by Crystal Software

Save, delete, compress, detach and reattach large email attachments

email attachments detach delete save extract export outlook notes lotus notes mapi reattach compress save delete compress detach reattach large email attachments

email software

Attachment Reminder by

A customizable utility to remind MS Outlook users to include email attachments.

email attachment outlook utility customizable utility remind ms outlook users include email attachments

security software

Oxide 2002 by Nitro Technologies

Easy and intuitive secure protection for any type of file. Maximum encryption!

security encryption file cryptography secure encrypt easy intuitive secure protection type file maximum encryption

dimichsoft software

DimichSoft Mail List Receiver by DimichSoft

Remove unwanted emails without downloading with your email program.

dimichsoft dimichsoft mail list receiver remove unwanted emails email e-mail delete delete email spam remove spam delete spam delete attachment remove attachments attachment email attachment spam huge attachments from your pop server pop server server pop without downloading download download email

sendphotos software

SendPhotos Evaluation by Novatix Corporation

The Easiest & Fastest Way to Email Your Digital Pictures!

sendphotos send photos email picture share digital image novatix photo easiest fastest way email digital pictures

zip software

Archive XP 2003 by Cyberspace HQ

Quite simply the most feature-packed file archive software around!

zip rar ace compression archive compress extract 7zip 7z quite simply most feature-packed file archive software around


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