Encrypting Software

flex folder security software

Flex Folder Security by Turing System,co.,Ltd.

Flex Folder Security is an access control utility for Windows. It keeps files and folders secret and safe by hiding and locking them, or by encrypting them with a password. It's also able to restrict accesses to local hard disks, CD-Roms, floppy.

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encrypt software

CryptoElement by DIGYX Software

CryptoElement uses strong encryption algorithms, including 448-bit key Blowfish, 256-bit key Rijndael etc. Compresses your data during encrypting (method - ZIP). Features include any type of file can be encrypted regardless of the file extension.

encrypt security encryption file utility delete utilities folder cryptoelement digyx strong protect protect files folders documents compression data method zip

encryption software

Lock Files and Folders by WG Soft

Lock Files & Folders can lock your files and folders without encrypting them. It stops users from moving, renaming, deleting and opening files.

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internet software

IPTunnelManager by APB Software

The program IPTunnelManager is used for IP tunneling with the options for compressing and encrypting traffic.

internet intranet telnet proxy secure compress encrypt traffic dbms database client server network communication ftp ssl ssh blowfish zlib winsock ipsec mac hash security tunnel

file encryption software

Ardorsoft Privacy Guard by Ardorsoft Technologies

Powerful file encryption tool, 448-bits encryption. No backdoors, no password stored. Compressing with high rate while encrypting. Built-in file shredder. Complete deletion of data. Integrated with Windows Explorer. Drag and drop support.

file encryption software compression shred data protect easy 448-bits file encryption tool builtin compression complete deletion

nist software

AES Encryption COM Component by xTy Technology

xTyAESCrypter is a standard light-weighted COM component for ASP, VC++, VB, etc. xTyAESCrypter implements the NIST standard AES (Rjindael) symmetric key encryption algorithm. Features: Efficient interfaces for encrypting/decrypting data.

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encrypt software

hCrypt by Raysion Software Co.

hCrypt helps you restrict access to non-public Web pages by encrypting them and setting the access password. The program uses powerful Blowfish and GOST encryption algorithms. For less critical pages a simple but very fast XOR encryption may be used.

encrypt web pages restrict access restrict access specific internet pages encrypting password-protecting them


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