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Oneiric Screensaver by Oneiric Software

A simple yet satisfying screen saver which simulates living spheres in various 3D environments. Over time, a viewer may notice that there are many subtle changes between the environments in which these spheres live. [Requires DirectX]

screensaver 3d oneiric spheres simple directx win32 win32 screen saver simulates living spheres various 3d environments directx

nilgirihouse-com software

Dexter by NilgiriHouse.com

Dexter is an invaluable time saving Add-in providing automatic code completion for all Microsoft development environments. NilgiriHouse.com - useful shareware for programmers using Microsoft development tools.

nilgirihouse-com shareware for developers shareware for programmers dexter add-in automatic code completion automatic statement completion automatic code formatting automatic statement formatting word completion automatic typing autotyping add-in providing automatic code completion ms development environments

bowling software

Let's Go Bowling by NO.2 Games, Inc

Join the fun and "Let's Go Bowling!" Choose your own cool characters and themed bowling alleys for a completely new way to bowl! Includes 4 modes of play: Open Bowling, Tournament Mode, Player versus Player, and Player versus Computer.

bowling bowling mania lets go arcade bowling arcade-style bowling wacky 3d characters environments

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