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Always On Time by BPS SoftWare Inc.

Fast, simple-to-use calendar and task list to help you create reminders, alarms, and multiple to-do lists. Always On Time's small graphical calendar features custom event icons and easy-to-use reminder options.

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calendar software

Calendar Pro by DigiLabs

Calendar Pro is an application that enables the user to easily create custom photo calendars, with Calendar Pro you can create and customize all elements of the calendar you can insert your own digital images, text captions, special events.

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calendar software

Calendar Commander by Briggs Softworks

Print calendars in any style imaginable on your Windows system. Includes over 20 ready made daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly calendars. Multi level preview mode. JPG, GIF, PNG, PCX, TIF, BMP image support, holidays and personal events.

calendar commander print day week month year print calendars style imaginable includes over 20 ready made calendars

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Synconizer by Synco Ltd.

Integrates Schedules, Notes, and Contacts in one versatile package. Multiple import/export, save and print capabilities make Synconizer a straightforward, fast and secure PIM. Synconizer can even synchronize and share data over the Internet and LAN.

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ClockNote by UpClock Software

ClockNote is a skinable HTML-based personal information manager that helps you organize your business and plan your personal life. It's a planner, notepad and address book combined in one powerful application.

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Is There Something to Do? by Altstone Software

World's second best organizer after good old paper and pencil! ITSD Organizer (stands for 'Is There Something To Do') is brain-dead simple, unbelievably efficient and works even for incredibly dysfunctional unorganized individuals (no kidding).

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