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excel software

Spinnaker Fuel Tax Program for Excel 97 by Spinnaker Software Solutions

The Spinnaker Fuel Tax Program is an excel add-in specifically written to ease the painstaking process of preparing your quarterly fuel taxes. It will work for individual owner operators and small fleets.

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excel software

Spreadsheet Composer by Dust Free Solutions

Spreadsheet Composer is an Excel add-in, which provides facilities to automatically construct, verify, catalogue, manage and implement complex worksheet formulae.

excel spreadsheet formula composition utility automatic construction management complex

game software

Lines 2003 by A2Soft

New version of the popular game Lines for Microsoft Windows. Includes much adjustments of the types of the game, sounds, imagess and allows to create own skins.

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excel software

Spinnaker Dbase Tools for Excel 97 etc by Spinnaker Software Solutions

Spinnaker Tools is an Excel Add-in particularly suited for analyzing and manipulating lists and databases in Excel. Read more about the features on our web page at: http://www.spinnakeradd-ins.com/spinnaker_dbase_add-ins.htm.

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excel software

Alerts for Excel 97/2000 by Spinnaker Software Solutions

Spinnaker Alerts 2.14 is an Excel Add-in that Alerts you to critical values in your worksheet by means of audio, pop-up messaging, E-mail paging, and logging of critical events in Microsoft Excel 97 and later. Sample file included for a quick start

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add-in software

Typos Finder by Afalina Co., Ltd.

An add-in for Microsoft Excel that helps you polish off all typos in your Excel workbooks.

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add-in software

Complete Excel Names by Afalina Co., Ltd.

Complete Excel Names is a free COM add-in that allows you to set the width of the Name Box in Microsoft Excel. The add-in is based on Add-in Express technology (http://www.afalinasoft.com/). Complete Excel Names supports MS Excel 2000 and higher.

add-in free freeware names allows set width name box

neural software

NeuroSolutions by NeuroDimension, Inc.

NeuroSolutions is a highly graphical neural network development tool for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000. It is a virtually unconstrained environment for designing neural networks for research or to solve real-world problems.

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excel add-in software

Business Functions Basic Edition by Business Functions Ltd

Excel Financial Add-In with 50 functions for planning and analysis makes financial models faster to build and more reliable to maintain. Context sensitive help file, quick reference, examples of each function and tutorials.

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database software

jWorkbook by St James Software

jWorkbook is an Excel Add-In that enables you to build powerful database queries and see the results directly in your Excel Spreadsheet. Build reports quickly using single or multiple SQL statements. Supports Oracle, Access and SQL Server.

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