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java software

Excelsior JET for Windows by Excelsior, LLC

Excelsior JET is a Java Virtual Machine enhanced with Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) compilation. The AOT compiler transforms your classes and jars into high-performance Windows executables. Version for Linux on the Intel x86 platform is also available.

java exe dll compiler native ahead-of-time jvm

webcloner software

WebCloner Pro Offline Browser by ProductsFoundry

WebCloner is a site ripper, images and Flash downloader, offline browser, and e-book compiler. You can use it to scan, download, browse and convert to e-books (Self running executables or CHM) entire websites or just parts of them.

webcloner offline explorer offline browser image grabber flash grabber image downloader flash downloader ebook creator e-book creator e-book generator download site internet offline ripper rip scan scanning browser browse website mirror mirroring map mapping

order maven software

Order Maven by Briggs Softworks

Order form generator for online merchants. Create stand-alone Windows executables that can be distributed royalty-free to customers. Collect, encrypt, and e-mail credit card orders.

order maven credit card e-commerce encryption order form order form generator online merchants


EF Catalog by EFSoftware

Powerful program that help you to catalog all your drives (CD-ROMs,...). Browse and handle like folders the currant archive files. Extract automatically descriptions from files like MP3, executables or FILE_ID.DIZ. Multilingual.

efsoftware efcat catalog md5 powerful program help catalog drives

search software

Bitmap Extractor by Zexer Research

The most powerful image extraction utility for Windows. With Bitmap Extractor you can extract bitmap images embedded into any files (executables, Windows libraries, resource files etc.) with one mouse click.

search find extract bitmaps images resources glyphs buttons graphics files libraries windows delphi programming tool bmp res

encryption software

Stealth Encryptor by Tropical Software

The latest in encryption technology to protect your sensitive data. Privacy tools include file/folder encryption, e-mail encryption, file shredder, file Backup with auto encryption, My Passwords, Self Decrypting Executables.

encryption encrypt email privacy password stealth shredder self decrypting executables file folder security secure des blowfish rijndael utilize latest encryption technology protect sensitive files

jexecreator software

JEXECreator by ucware.com

JEXECreator simplifies deploying software written in Java? to client or server platforms. It makes it easy to create native 32-bit Windows executables (native launchers) for invoking applications written in the Java? programming language.

jexecreator download java java2 jre j2re runtime windows gui native win32 exe wrapper auto detect autodetect launch launcher

search software

MUNAX Search Engine by Nexyne Systems

With MUNAX you can forget the struggle with organizing your documents. The same goes for objects like html links and directory entries for images, movie files, sound files, executables, compressed files and email addresses.

search engine maximum performance unlimited scaling secure web distributable fast search engine maximum performance scalable secure

email software

Email Extractor by Sureshot

The Email Extractor is a command line tool that allows you to extract e-mail addresses from any file (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Outlook Express, executables and so on).

email e-mail address addresses extract file scan search extractor searcher scanner collect grab find bulk outlook express word excel pdf exe

glbasic software

GLBasic SDK premium by Dream Design

GLBasic is a programming language designed for game programming. It has simple commands for 3D, networking, joysticks and media playback. The source code compiles into small, fast, stand-alone executables.

glbasic basic game coding source code programming development opengl blitz dark learning tutorial fast speed power 3d network


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