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hfs software

UFS Explorer by SysDevSoftware Ltd.

UFS Explorer allows you to browse your alternative filesystems and extract files from there. Now it has user-mode read-only support for HFS+/UFS/ReiserFS/Ext2/Ext3 filesystems as well as has FAT support.

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linux software

Paragon Ext2FS Anywhere Personal Version by Paragon Software

Paragon Ext2FS Anywhere is designed to mount Linux partitions under Windows OS.

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disk software

Acronis Recovery Expert by Acronis

Automatically recover ANY partition with ANY file system, allowing independent work from a bootable CD or diskette if your operating system fails to boot.

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boot boot manager software

Acronis OS Selector by Acronis

Install separate OSs for your colleagues, friends and children. Try Windows XP while keeping your current OS intact. Protect your data using separate operating systems for work, tests and entertainment

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disk software

Acronis True Image by Acronis

Acronis True Image 6.0, the only Windows-native, online hard drive imaging software, allows you to easily create and restore complete images of your entire hard disk drive or individual partitions directly in Windows without annoying reboot.

disk editor hard drive hard partition windows xp ntfs utility image restore sectors system partitions diskette bootable recover

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