Fahrenheit Software

valueconverter software

ABF Value Converter by ABF software, Inc.

ABF Value Converter is an application for measurement units conversion. This software easily converts various measurement values into any other possible ones. Inches to centimetres, pounds to kilograms, Fahrenheit to Celsius, and so on.

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weather software

VIMeteo by Valeri Vlassov

Real-time weather data from 7000 stations all around the world. History of weather data for the past 1 - 60 hours. USA or European style Frendly user interface

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conversion software

SI-Metric Kids by ButterflyVista

This program is a graphical easy-to-use US to metric unit converter ideal from everything from cooking to engineering featuring an extensive timezone database with both city and country lookup. Check out our measurement encyclopedia.

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speed of sound software

SoS by NaTCH Engineering

Calculates speed of sound against temperature, both Centigrade and Fahrenheit. The programme can be used to convert between Centigrade and Fahrenheit.

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