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automate software

ME Cluster - Load Balance by ManualEnds Technology

ME Cluster Load Balance is high availability software with proxy technology to perform high number of connections, low response time, continuous availability and powerful security. Support packet relay, Http redirection, IP Fail Over, and Firewall.

automate cluster server server tool high availability load balance remote automation firewall network tcp ip tcp-ip relay sniffer ip switch

lpr software

Brooks INTELLIscribe LPR Client by Brooks Internet Software, Inc.

INTELLIscribe - LPR Print Client enabling you to seamlessly send documents to printers and print servers anywhere in the world using the TCP/IP Internet protocol. Easy to set up & use including excellent documentation to get you up & running quickly.

lpr print client ip printing network printing winlpr lan print wan print remote print intelliscribe windows lpr print client remote ip printing

lpr software

INTELLIscribe LPR by Brooks Internet Software Inc

INTELLIscribe installs on Windows allowing you to send print jobs to printers, print servers, or any IP addressed device, anywhere in the world using TCP/IP technology. Shared printing, broadcast printing, fail-over printing, and more

lpr fail-over printing broadcast printing multiple print print balancing lpr print client printing client print client ip printing network printing remote printing print ip

asp software

Session Server for Windows by Interapple, Inc

Session server for Windows has built-in fail-over protection and load balancing which allows use of up to 1000 session servers with an unlimited number of web servers.

asp visual studio sql t-sql database iis session server script vb interdev sql server application session server windows built-in fail-over protection load balancing

search software

MUNAX Search Engine by Nexyne Systems

With MUNAX you can forget the struggle with organizing your documents. The same goes for objects like html links and directory entries for images, movie files, sound files, executables, compressed files and email addresses.

search engine maximum performance unlimited scaling secure internet distributable fast search engine maximum performance scalable secure

reminder software

Talking Reminder by Software River solutions, Inc

Talking Reminder will keep track of your important events and remind you about them using speech, sound, alert window, email, or file execution. Talking reminder is fun, easy to use and completely customizable to fit your needs.

reminder calendar talking reminder talkingreminder forget speech

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