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santa software

I Live at Santa's House! by AHA! Software Inc.

This activity center game offers kids the delightful fantasy of being an elf in Santa's House, decorating the tree, baking cookies, wrapping gifts, testing toys in the workshop, and more. Ages 3-7.

santa activity non-violent christmas holiday kids children play xmas kid child nonviolent aha kids explore fantasy being one santas elves

adventure software

Uncle Julius and the Anywhere Machine by AHA! Software Inc.

Uncle Julius is trapped in another dimension and is counting on you to save him - preferably before he finishes his book! Non-violent graphical adventure in the tradition of Santa's Secret Valley. Enthralling, enlightening entertainment for all ages!

adventure game science non-violent nonviolent family aha non-violent adventure game science theme beautifully illustrated

quiz software

Spell-Mell by AHA! Software Inc.

A spelling, vocabulary and trivia quiz game the whole family will enjoy. Includes about 20 game modules, each in effect a separate game or quiz. Create your own modules with included editor. Fast-paced, entertaining, educational.

quiz trivia vocabulary spell spelling education educational edutainment puzzle family aha spelling vocabulary quiz game whole family

game software

Twisted Tails by AHA! Software Inc.

Old-time fairy tales with a hilarious new twist! Rapunzel, Cinderella, 8 more.

game non-violent reading words fairy tale literature madlibs kids children mad-libs word kid child nonviolent aha

europe software

European Geography Tutor by AHA! Software Inc.

Want to brush up on the names and locations of the 40 or so countries of the new Europe? This program from the Family Games Web Center will help you. A study mode and two quiz modes make the learning easy.

europe european geography quiz countries nations education free aha master european geography includes study mode two test modes

puzzle software

Hierophant by AHA! Software Inc.

An intriguing puzzle game. Can you unscramble the generated mystic symbol? A contemplative game with nine difficulty levels. A new puzzle every time you play!

puzzle brainteaser rubik symbol scramble unscramble free aha unscramble mystic symbol new puzzle every time

puzzle software

Whirlwords by AHA! Software Inc.

Whirlwords is an extended version of the familiar pencil-and-paper word chain puzzles in which you connect two words by changing one letter at a time. Over 100 puzzles, nifty graphical interface, built-in editor, on-line help, extensive vocabulary.

puzzle word words educational anagram free aha challenging word chain puzzle includes 100 levels editor online help

word software

Jumble by AHA! Software Inc.

A word game in which your task is to unscramble a familiar catchphrase. For each letter in the phrase you get from three to six choices. You must pick the right ones to recover the jumbled phrase. Customizable!

word puzzle jumble scramble unscramble free aha word game unscramble familiar phrases configurable

music software

NoteCard by AHA! Software Inc.

Learn to recognize the musical notes. Treble and/or bass. Enter letter names, or by clicking piano keyboard or guitar neck graphic. Builds fluency quickly.

music musical notes drill sight-reading piano guitar practice practise staff education educational free aha learn musical notes treble bass builds fluency quickly

puzzle software

Oktagon by AHA! Software Inc.

Oktagon is two separate puzzles. In one, from our shareware game "Uncle Julius and the Anywhere Machine", you must rearrange a set of irregular shapes to form an octagon. In the other, you must correctly orient six linked, nested octagonal rings.

puzzle brain-teaser brainteaser logic free aha not 1 but 2 octagonal puzzles


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