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zip software

EACompression .NET Zip Component by AdminSystem Software Limited

High performance zip component for your ASP.NET, Visual Basic.NET, C#, Managed C++, J# and JScript.NET applications to compress and decompress file. Easy-to-use and featured examples are included in the installation file.

.net component encryption rar dot net zip compression password encryption

ddns software

MintDNS Enterprise by Dynamic DNS Services

MintDNS 2006 Enterprise is a fully featured server suite that allows you to run your own enterprise level DDNS Server. Providing both Dynamic and Static DNS services MintDNS supports standard update protocols.

dns tzo ddns static ip both dynamic dns

sticky software

Aversoft Sticker by Aversoft

Aversoft Sticker is featured reminder / scheduler for Windows. Sticker allows you to create as many notes as you want, set note's alarm, schedule tasks, print notes and lock them from being accidentally deleted. The notes are saved automatically.

transparency feature sticky notes windows desktop skins accidentally schedule tasks

perl editor software

Perl Scripting Tool by TNL Total Solutions

Perl Scripting Tool is a full featured perl development environment

perl easy perl editor made web development ide

express software

VueChat Express by VueCam

VueChat Express is a technology which installs a web based Customer Service / Online Help Desk software on your website in a few minutes. The Customer Service software is featured with video/voice chat, Instant Messaging, VoIP and CRM technologies.

customer service solution ip technologies mac os x instant messages personal webpage linux solaris

tsw software

TSW phpCoder by TSW

TSW phpCoder 2008 is a fully featured PHP IDE, with all the features you will ever need for creating beautiful and dynamic websites. It comes with debugging, full IntelliSense, syntax check, Code Tidy, FTP/SFTP/FTPS client and much more.

syntax check python functionality intellisense ftps php html

podcast software

Podsage by Dragon Crest International

Podsage v2.0 is the latest in Podcast and Videocast players. Full featured player and an integrated, searchable database of over 57,000 Podcasts

webcast mp3 itunes shareware videocast freeware podcasting

view software

Able Image Browser by

Able Image Browser is a full featured image viewing solution which is fast, simple-to-use and inexpensive.

automatic choice browser features rle color mode images postscript ps

custody software

Custody Toolbox by Five O'clock Software

Take control of your custody situation with Custody Toolbox and protect your kids' right to be with you. Includes a color-coded, full featured calendar, a custody journal, an expense tracker, a child info database, an address book, and a to-do list.

set alarms printing options anniversaries clock software custody battle address book

malware software

EMCO Malware Destroyer by Emco Software Ltd.

Malware Destroyer is an uniq malware removal utility with new and fast featured scanning engine! it only takes about ~10. seconds to scan the whole computer for over 7500 real targeting definitions.

trojans worms adware spyware removal malware


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