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utility software

FolderInfo by Gemmico

Disk usage analyzer. Creates list of files and directory trees. Can be used for changing file date, time and attributes.

utility disk quota cleaner file space list of files wasted attribute folder size temporary temp tmp filelist directory

email marketing software

EXP Elite by Cyber Samurai Marketing, Inc.

A powerful new Opt-in email management software for email marketing & designed for specifically today's opt-in e-mail marketing. Features include autoresponders, unlimited mailing lists, newsletter management software, list filtering and more.

email marketing extractor pro opt-in email bulk email software e-mail marketing software direct marketing opt-in e-mail marketing mailing lists e-zines permission marketing newsletter management software optin newsletter software exp elite email marketing designed specifically opt-in e-mail marketing

weather software

StormPredator by IntelliWeather

StormPredator provides personal near real-time NEXRAD doppler radar images from any location in the USA on your PC desktop. It has an EXCLUSIVE storm tracker and predictor tool, plus personal scan zone and a distance measuring tool. Email,pager alert

weather radar doppler nexrad storm tracking chasing forecast nws noaa alert email pager personal radar-view track forecast storms radar location usa

contract templates software

Contract Master by MPC soft

Contract Master offers 3200+ contract templates and samples which can protect your own interest best. It contains all the business and living contracts you could think of.

contract templates sample contracts document templates business forms legal documents independent contractor agreement legal forms legal forms self-help free summaries attorneys lawyers landlord will deeds landlord divorce rent lease contract policy court law code

download software

DataSharks Downloader by

DataSharks Downloader is a 32-bit automated browser that can automatically obtain current, and/or historical data on over 35,000 different worldwide symbols - all at no cost to you!

download yahoo-com yahoo csv metastock stock indices nasdaq commodity futures prices options quotes brokers online trading

analyzer software

AdvantageWebLogAnalyzer by Cyber Processing Co. Ltd.

Affordable professional web log analyzer. More than 200+ detailed statistic reports of your visitors. Use for unlimited number of web sites and pages. Simple installation and easy usage. 50% affiliate commissions.

analyzer web log statistic traffic site analyzing analysing affordable analyzing web site traffic detailed statistic reports

livehelp software

Flash Livehelp by

Flash Livehelp for web sites, auctions, and/ or disbribution via CD, email, or download

livehelp chat instant messenger flash customer support tools internet support webmaster tools auction tools ebay sales flash livehelp web sites auctions cd email


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