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security software

Oxide 2002 by Nitro Technologies

Encrypt a file once with whatever password you choose and Oxide takes care of all decryptions and re-encryption even if you change the file contents! Whats more, we even take the extra step of securely deleting any data left on disk about this file!

security encryption file cryptography secure encrypt easy intuitive secure protection type file maximum encryption

compare software

DiffnMerge by Drasbek Data

Quick and Easy File and Folder Comparing. Compare and merge text files on a line by line basis. Recursively compare and synchronize folders and files for differences. Compare HTML files using Microsoft Internet Explorer browsing.

compare difference folder compare text compare file compare merge html compare compare merge text html files line line compare merge folders

shred software

East-Tec File Shredder by EAST Technologies

Deleting a file with Windows or with other programs will leave the file contents on your hard disk, easy to be recovered by anyone that has access to your computer. East-Tec File Shredder securely destroys sensitive and private files beyond recovery.

shred privacy security wipe delete destroy private sensitive confidential personal secret recover erase unerase undelete securely destroy files beyond recovery using drag drop easy interface

catalog software

Deductus disk catalog by olej

Deductus is fast disk catalog and personal full-text search engine with explorer-like interface.

catalog disk search engine file find cd mp3 zip rar tar-gz doc rtf deductus fast disk catalog personal full-text search engine

shred software

AlmerShredder by AlmerSoft

We all know that there are special utilities which can restore a file, deleted deleted by standard means. AlmerShredder helps you to shred important files so that they cannot be restored and nobody can even guess what information a file contained.

shred shredder secure delete utility drive file folder direcrory drive protect complete file shredder solution windows features

electronics software

RVal by Brian Taylor

RVal helps you select the best pairs of values to produce a given ratio, difference, or connect in series or parallel to produce an exact value. It will find the nearest preferred value or the one required in parallel with an existing value.

electronics resistors preferred value parallel series ratio e6 e12 e24 e48 e96 e192 electronic engineers solution finding optimum preferred resistor values

kid safe software

PpGuard by

PpGuard is a powerful internet filtering program which runs in stealth mode on your computer, comparing each requested internet address (URL), against a (encrypted, password protected) list of Trusted internet sites. We call this list of Trusted Web

kid safe filter parental control trustfile learning mode kid-safe iexplore 100- block rate ppguard kid safe web parental control trustfile learning mode


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