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log software

Paradigm PiHyper by Paradigm International Limited

An ActiveX control that serves as a Timer, File Dialog box, Hyperlink navigator and real-time Database Reporter for visual programmers. Auto-generate and print customisable reports or allow End-User do so on the fly from within your application.

dynamic database application user path windows activex control fly default browser

cross software

Xref a utility program by Abecedarical Systems

Xref is a utility program which creates a file containing the locations of identifiers used in your C and C++ programs.

ms dos command line arguments dos text format c programs command line utility local directory

wildcard software

Explorer Buddy by NEEB Hard- & Software

Explorer Buddy extends the capabilities of the Windows Explorer by adding a context menu to the detail view. The user can select and manipulate files by using wildcard expressions. Operations include Select, Rename, Move, Copy, Delete and Attributes.

taken care context menu file attributes file extension interruptions adds

mp3 cataloguer software

Audio Catalog by Digital Action

Audio Catalog is the fast Windows application which is created for the work with music collections. Beautiful adjusted interface and good functionality will help you to put in order any collection quickly and easily

m3u playlist music tag editor mp3 organizer music management mp3 cataloguer pls playlist tag editor mp3 batch editing mp3 tag editor

bulk software

Bulk Rename Utility by Bulk Rename Utility

A utility to rename files and folders with extremely flexible criteria. Process subfolders, add datestamps, add auto-numbers, perform search and replace, etc.

rename autonumber bulk utility subfolder regular folder file expression

duplicate files software

Duplicate Finder by Ashisoft

Find and Remove TRUE duplicate files, Search duplicate file contents regardless of file name, Delete or move duplicate files, Clean up disk space, manage files better...

acute finder both files search identical files finder same files search files duplicate remove space files run system acute files find true

mp3-management software

MP3Find by Peter Lorenz

MP3Find - the MP3 Managemensystem for your MP3s. This application has all features you need to manage your MP3s stored on CD, Harddisk or in your local network. System can automaticly search for dublicated stored MP3-Files and more.

winamp mp3s dj mp3-management crossfading id3v2 tag-editor mp3find second soundcard managemensystem automatic find dublicated mp3s automatic id3 recreate preplay automatic filename recreate automatic sort mp3

image protection software

JpegGuard JPEG Image Protection by Zapper Software (510862 B.C. Ltd.)

JpegGuard: This program is for JPEG users who want to protect their images and avoid potential embarrassment. This program will encrypt all of your .JPG and .JPEG files on your computer. This prevents others from viewing your encrypted JPEG images.

embarrassment file extensions image displays file search image attributes jpeg images

secure clean software

Freeze Burn by Reohix

Freeze Burn is an extensive utility for Windows based computers to completely erase data from your hard drive. This way you can make sure that your sensitive files will never be recovered again using any type of recovery tool.

secure clean freeze burn total delete security secure delete

mohsoft software

Advanced Flash Player by Mohsoft Corporation

Advanced Flash Player is a shareware software that can play *.Swf,*.FLV movies with great features like: Rewinding to any position in a movie. Capturing picture from movie and save in Bmp,Gif,Jpg format. Compressing *.swf files,convert exe to swf,...

registration method changing software standard exe exe files new volume control projector


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