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shift software

SHIFT by Sputnik Games

Discover a new twist in a classic block game. SHIFT will keep you thinking well ahead of your next move. As the blocks fall the floor moves! Strategy and quick reactions will give you the edge you need to complete this puzzle game.

shift tetris puzzle block drop game fun kids discover new twist classic block game blocks fall floor moves

flow charts software

SmartDraw by

Draw perfect flowcharts, organizational charts, business presentations, networks, floor plans, technical diagrams, and more with SmartDraw. Includes over 50,000 business and technical images. "Best Business Program" (PC Magazine).

flow charts org charts floor plans business forms network diagrams circuit diagrams engineering diagrams flyers maps timelines clip art and web graphics easily draw great-looking diagrams business technology education

house floor plans software

Fast Plans by Black Mountain Software P/L

CAD floor plan design software, very easy to use - takes care of drawing and MATH - leaving you to design

house floor plans floor plan software home plan design floor plans software cad floor plan software easy takes care drawing math

save software

Novel Save by Novel Games

This game combines action and strategy. The object of this game is to place arrows on the floor to guide the people to the tent, you have to stay away from dangers like mines, poison gases and bombs.

save anti war antiwar anti-war civilians these helpless civilians need guide them safety war

personnel software

Create Floor Schedules for Your Employees by Shift Schedules

Assigns up to 50 people on a random basis to up to 6 daily shifts for a one-month period. It is well suited for use in creating floor schedules for real estate offices or similar applications where an individual works only a few shifts each month.

personnel scheduling shift schedules work schedules floor schedules create real estate office floor schedules 50 employees excel

plants and wrecks with registered version software

Water Life by Rixane

Move slowly across ocean floor with this wonderful 3D screensaver. Try to feel your self real ocean explorer and discover wonderfull under water world wich has different inhabitants and mysterious riches hidden in ancient ruins!

plants and wrecks with registered version wonderful 3d screensaver

floor scheduler software

R.E. Floor Scheduler by Floor Scheduler Systems

Fair and Efficient floor time scheduling at your fingertips. Real Estate Floor Scheduler is the most fair and efficient system for shift time scheduling.

floor scheduler shift scheduler real estate floor scheduler floor time scheduling fair efficient floor time scheduling fingertips


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