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flv encoder software

Flash Video MX SDK V2 by Moyea Software

Flash Video MX SDK V2 is placed on the shelf for the on-demand solution to convert video to Flash under COM environment and command line environment.

flv encoder flv encoder sdk video to flv online video to swf

jpg jpeg software

Batch Fax2JPEG by sfaxtools studio

Batch Fax2JPEG is a fax to jpg jpeg converter, able to convert apf awd bfx cals cal gp4 img mil dcx ds fmf fxd fxm fxr fxs g3f g3n qfx tiff fax, and raw g3 g4 mh mr mmr fax, etc to jpg jpeg images in batches. Both GUI and command line modes.

jpg jpeg fxd fxm fxr fxs apf awd bfx cals cal gp4 img mil ras dcx ds qfx fmf g3f g3n tif tiff convert converion converter fax raw g3 g4 mh mr mmr

editor software

KineticaR .NET Frame Editor & Container by KineticaRT Limited

KineticaRT .NET Frame Editor component is a container for other .NET Controls. It provides all the standard container features and many more, including being a control container, runtime editing, automatic control positioning/sizing, save to files.

editor instrumentation components hmi user interface controls frame control container user configurable runtime configurable channel selection runtime run-time on-line configuration control host grid automatic positioning layout kineticart net frame editor instrument container control

downloads software

GoFetch! by Infiero

The only download manager for Windows using Microsoft BITS technology! Using BITS - Background Intelligen Transfer System - downloads will automaticly adjust their download speed depending on how much you surf.

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