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folder software

Quick View Folder Size by Image Resizer - JKLNSoft

When you want to know the size of the folder, you have to right click on the folder name and have to choose the properties one by one. Now you can view folder size rapidly and automatically, use Quick View Folder Size.

folder size view folder rapidly

disk software

SizeExplorer Pro by JSD Software

Powerful disk space usage analyzer with folder size, charts, statistics, clickable reports, complete file listing, exports, printing, file management, loading and saving of explorations (snapshots).

disk space manager explorer charts graphics statistics large delete remove find big used network local drive shared print cut paste

3d software

3Dfm by Boulderwall Software

3Dfm displays files and folders in an interactive, 3D display. You can rotate, pan and zoom the view, change folders, easily compare file and folder sizes, quickly search for files based on name, content, or size, view images, etc.

3d filemanager search fast directx 3dfm displays folders interactive 3d display

fosi software

FoSi++ by HushPage

FOSI is tool to visualize the size of the folders on a hard disk. Browse through the folders via Bar Chart or Pie Chart or ListView and see clearly where your HD space is gone to. Options: Print Chart, Save Image, Rotate Chart, Include Free Space etc

fosi visualize directory chart bar pie rotate analyse fosi hard disk

disk software

CheckQuota by Timo Kosiol - Softwareconsulting

CheckQuota is the professional monitor program for directories. If a directory exceeds a specified limit CheckQuota sends an mail alert and can lock the write access for specified users or groups.

disk quota check monitor usage limit prevent access write lock report mail alert process

folder software

Folder Size COM Component by Traction Software

The com component will quickly tell you how much disk space a folder is taking up, this also includes subfolders under the root folder, ideal for web sites that serve document/image content. Example .asp code included

folder com component component will quickly tell how taking

duplicate software

SpaceMan 99 by ExtraBit Software

SpaceMan 99 shows the total disk space used by all folders, and finds duplicate files and folders. It also has commands to delete duplicate files safely. SpaceMan 99 can also produce summary reports.

duplicate shows sizes finds duplicate

explorer replacements software

FileQuest XP Gold by PiQuest Software, Inc.

FileQuest XP Gold is an easy to use replacement for Explorer. It is packed full of features and has something to offer for everyone. FileQuest XP Gold is a Microsoft 'Best Choice Shareware' awarded File Manager. Download your FREE 50 day trial today!

explorer replacements filequest file managers simple easy award winning

file manager software

DiskVision by Ascendis Software

By drawing files and folders as easy-to-understand nested rectangles, DiskVision shows, visually, how much space each file and folder consumes. This makes it easy to track down files, folders, and applications that are wasting space.

file manager visual nested rectangles application utility visually nested rectangles

utility software

FolderInfo by Gemmico

Disk usage analyzer. Creates list of files and directory trees. Can be used for changing file date, time and attributes.

utility cleaner list of files wasted attribute temporary temp tmp filelist


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