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Food File by Kelpiesoft

Nutrition software Food File is a free food database and calorie counter for 1000s of food products. EWat healthy foods and always know how many calories you have consumed.

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diet software

Desktop Diet by Electric Dreams Inc

Food software Desktop Diet is a comprehensive diet and fitness analysis solution for your PC. Compare your diet to the 7000+ item USDA food database, and view your nutritional requirements, such as RDA's.

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full software

Manna Munchers by Full Armor Studios, Inc.

This is a game about eating food. Welcome to the world of Manna Munchers! It's all about chowin' down and powerin' up! Meet Chuck. He likes to eat. Help him eat as much food as he can, but watch out for Mr. Teeth...he'll crash the whole party!

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hidden software

eeCarb - Hidden Low Carb Calculator by nr4

Diet software low carb Calculator to find unlisted carbs based on a food products nurtrition label. This calculator will tell you if there are any uncounted Carbohydrate grams on the food label.

carb hidden low calculator carbohydrate

food service software

Core2000 by Houk & Soles, Inc

Restaurant and catering software providing food, beverage and managerial time saving solutions for the food service industry. Includes recipe costing, inventory costing, menu planning, purchasing, vendor price comparisons, links to cash registers, make/buy comparisons.

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pac software

FoxPac by Red Land Games

You are in control of a fox and must navigate through 50 fun mazes while eating a variety of foods all the while avoiding the haunting ghosts that are after you. Swallow the power frogs and then you can destroy those mean ghosts and earn more points.

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nutrigenie software

NutriGenie Diabetes Nutrition by NutriGenie

Diabetes meal planning has never been easier: This program incorporates the American Diabetes Association's Food Exchange System in addition to the USDA's Food Guide Pyramid. It can automatically generate daily menus that meet your Exchange specs.

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president software

President Bush Pretzel Shell Game by RI Soft Systems

Test your luck with this hilarious game of chance, with President Bush and snack food. Watch as three shells are shuffled and one snack food is chosen for the Prez. He loves his broccoli and cheese puffs, but be careful of those pretzels!

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nutrigenie software

NutriGenie Atkins Controlled Carb Diet - Atkins for Life by NutriGenie

Staying on the Atkins diet has never been so easy. Latest update of the Atkins diet software series. Its nutrition analysis automatically calculates the unique Atkins Net Carbs values (of over 8,000 food items) to help you stay on the Atkins diet.

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diet software

Paraben's Diet Tracker by Paraben Corporation

Paraben's Diet Tracker makes it easy to track and report the Items you eat and the nutrients they contain. Using a food database of nearly 6,000 food items with nutritional information supplied by the USDA, you can now accurately track your diet.

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