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autofill software

Browser Form Filler by Amov Research Ltd.

Browser Form Filler is an Internet Explorer plugin that allows you easily save and fill Internet Web Forms. Its features are accessible from a toolbar, and HTML page context menu. The data is securely saved for later editing and filling.

context menu phone numbers internet explorer plugin eligible field email address accessibility

asp software

MSCUpload for Linux by Miraplacid

MSCUpload is an Active Server File Upload component. It allows web developer to receive forms with multiple files from user end and easily handle form fields as well as sent files.

file upload uploaded data asp applications uploaded files active server accessable

order maven software

Order Maven by Briggs Softworks

Order form generator for online merchants. Create stand-alone Windows executables that can be distributed royalty-free to customers. Collect, encrypt, and e-mail credit card orders.

public key encryption encrypt smtp credit card orders stand alone windows maven

designer component software

Spire.Designer by e-iceblue

The Spire.Designer is the 100% pure .NET class library, which allows you to runtime design form from your application.

tool tip dynamic component keyboard information tool spire

visual basic software

ScrollerII by Neo Components

The ScrollerII library has two Controls that provide automatic Scrolling functionality. The FormScroller makes an entire Form Scrollable, whereas the Scrollable Container Makes Part of a Form Scrollable. No need of any code to write.

cancel loop through functionality visible controls scroller broader

snake software

Snake Tetris by Novel Games

Snake game and Tetris game combine to form this brand new game! Come and challenge yourself with this new tetris game! Also included are snake game and tetris game, so you get 3 games from 1 download!

snake game new tetris game brand tetris game snake

3d software

3D Slot Car Racing Game by Ohmikron Corporation

The game is fully functional and comes with three ready-made tracks and four different cars. After installing, you must enter a registration key, which you can get using a form on the website.

3d model deluxe cd cd rom realism racing game registration key

mib software

MIB Browser by KS-Soft

MIB Browser allows you to view the hierarchy of SNMP MIB variables in the form of a tree and provides you with additional information about each node; may perform SNMP Get and Get-Next requests; etc

proprietary mib browser hierarchy propriety mib variables snmp mib

email software

The Form Letter Machine by

The Form Letter Machine is a utility to help you write repetetive emails or documents that tend to be made up of various configurations of preset text paragraphs; a very simple interface makes it easy to combine components.

new letters preset text combine configurations interface checkboxes

scanned form software

Miraplacid Form Professional by Miraplacid

Miraplacid Form will help you to fill scanned form. Scan a form and place text exactly where you need it. You can merge a form with data you exported from database or spreadsheet and print it all. You can save data you entered or changed.

scanned form merge data fill out fill in paper form letterhead handwriting


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