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php software

PERFECT by Center Key Software

Small and efficient PHP script to process an HTML web form and send the information in an e-mail message to a predefined recipient.

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php form software

php form processor by tools4php

This tool can process any web form, makes all validation, handle file uploads, send email to form owner with all submitted data, send personalized auto respond email to visitor, store submitted data in a flat text file or in a mysql database

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form software

Form Mail: eMail Form Processor Pro by MitriDAT

Process any forms on your web sites. Multiple pages forms. Full layout control. One program can work with any amount of forms. Script can send any number of different emails, output (append) to any number of files, check entered data and much more!

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form software

Form1 by softSWOT

Single file customizable web form and form to email processor. One file contains your form, form processor, and form confirmation page. Your delivery email address is hidden and cannot be harvested by spam mailing lists or viruses.

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form software

Simfatic Forms by Simfatic Solutions

Quickly create full featured forms complete with input validations using Simfatic forms. Receive the form submissions via email or saved to a file. You can install the form on your web server just by the press of a button.

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web response grabber software

Web Response Grabber Standard by eGrabber

If your business is in the Internet then use Web Response Grabber. It is a web lead capturing tool that automtically transfers the web forms and creates contacts in your Address Book. Works with ACT!, Excel, Outlook, GoldMine, Access and others.

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