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FoxMail BackUp Expert by Bodrag

Powerful application to keep FoxMail accounts safe. It backup and restore messages, accounts, rules, address book, templates & preferences for FoxMail client. It has multilanguage support and schedule feature. Download the Free Evaluation Now!

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swap software

Printer Changer by Full Circuit Ltd

The program sits in the Windows 9x/NT tray and makes it easy to swap printers. As a plus it can also display the date and it attempts to position itself next to the time.

swap change printer calendar swap printers tray displays date

 tetris software

Four Bricks - Free Tetris by

This is a classic Tetris game.

tetris play gaming classic tetris game

3d game software

RebirthPuzzle by Yavsoft

A Rebirth Puzzle is a virtual jigsaw puzzle game. The unique feature of this game is the animation of the puzzle. You can assemble puzzle while animation rolls or turn it off if you desire. You can download and play this game for free.

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