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Flash2X Flash Player by Flash2X

Flash2X Flash Player is more than a simple flash player. It can take screenshots, manage flash files and integrating other Flash2X products to build flash screeensavers, make flash wallpapers and convert flash to exe. The program is totally free!

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flash player for mac software

SWF Movie Player for Mac by Eltima Ltd.

SWF Movie Player is a free small flash player designed for Mac OS. Based on the Macromedia Flash player it has unique features that allow you to create and manage playlists, zoom the movie window, set playback quality and Flash security policy.

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video to flash software

VisiFly by VisiFly

VisiFly is an easy-to-use program to convert your video files into streaming Adobe (Macromedia) Flash files step by step. It converts almost any video format (avi, wmv, mpeg, mp4, mov and many others) to Flash (swf, flv).

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