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puzzle software

Novel Puzzle by Novel Games

This free game is the classic tile sliding puzzle game which allows you to use your own pictures. The object of this game is move the tiles to recover the original picture.

which allows classic tile tile sliding puzzles puzzle game

logic software

Anry Domino Patience by Anry

Anry Domino Patience is a free game of logic using dominos. Each game has at least one solution, the game field has a few nice looks, your game time is not limited, no setup required (just download & play). Game looks so easy but is really quite hard

logic cells domino free game pairs game time

free software

Summer Bound by

With its unique mix of exciting action and tricky puzzles, this free game quickly became a hit on the internet. Your goal is to remove all colored blocks in 30 levels. Drop bombs and outwit enemies to reach places that seem unreachable.

free action puzzle game cool action-puzzle game

asteroids software

Celesteroids (Asteroids Style) by Big Angry Dog

A free game inspired by the Atari Classic of 1979--Asteroids! Developed using the wxWidgets framework and released with source code under the GNU General Public License.

source code wxwidgets borland asteroids games retro c++

kakuro software

Kakuro Free by Seiz System Engineering

It is free game with various styles and an opportunity of loading new levels from a web-site

kakuro puzzle game logic free

arcade software

Cosmic Defender by

Based on a classic arcade retro game, this side scrolling shooter is pure addictive fun. Destroy the invading aliens and save your brethren from abduction. Compete against other players via the Internet high score board. Free game with no spyware!

cosmic defender retro aliens side-scroller defender shoot-em up action game

download software

Beach Volleyball by

If you have no time to practise volleyball in real life - try this free game to remember the sweet days spent near the ocean. Play either against your computer or against your friend and feel the joy of free movements and the fresh air. Free to play.

volleyball colors online tactics computer either play

lol software

lOl Tournament by Alex Saveliev

If you are master of your mouse... This FREE game is small, simple and fun! Contest with your friends and relatives - prove you are faster, smarter and pin-point accurate - participate in the tournament!

lol arcade kids action free saveliev new

minesweeper software

Novel Mines by Novel Games

This free game is a minesweeper game with 5 different modes: tri mode, quad mode, hex mode, oct mode and dodec mode. While the classic minesweeper has only one mode: oct mode.

minesweeper game hex mode free game intermediate expert modes

my addicting games arcade software

My Addicting Games Arcade by

My Addicting Games Arcade is a free game download that provides easy access to a large selection of arcade games.

web games arcade games my addicting games arcade online games addicting games arcade classics classic games


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