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birthday software

Your Birthday News by Highdesert Software

Create and print an attractive, personalized newspaper that reveals interesting information about the year you were born, or any date between January 1st 1900 and December 31st 2004. Free lifetime upgrades.

birthday birthday gift news create attractive personalized newspaper about birthday events

id software

Anti Identity Theft by WCCL

Anti-Identity Theft protects you from identity theft threats, while you use your PC. Simply install it - and forget it. Anti Identity Theft ensures you aren''t infected by spyware threats and constantly clears private information from your PC.

id identity theft spyware security secure trojan pc

biorhythms software

Free and Easy Biorhythm Calculator by White Stranger Group

Free and easy biorhythm calculator. Knowing your biorhythms, you can be sure about what to expect from each day in order to succeed at business, or in sports, exams or job interviews, negotiating or dating. Be a winner in any situation!

biorhythms biorhythm free biorhythms biorhythm calculator free biorhythms chart iching free software biorhythms software

speed reading software

Letter Chase Speed Reader by D R Software

Self-contained lessons and instructions. Speed tests to evaluate your progress. Comprehension tests. Warm up exercises to develop peripheral vision. Tachistoscopic reader. Horizontal reader for further speed development. Vertical reader....

speed reading read reader letter chase

marketing software

EZNewsletter Generator by Things & More

EZNewsletter Generator software will easily create interactive, content-rich, HTML Internet Marketing Newsletters for you in 10 minutes or less. Saves you time and money. You simply fill in a few blanks, then publish to the web.

marketing newsletter generator internet web-based content html publish profit

hide windows software

HideAll by

HideAll hides all your open windows at the press of a hotkey to help you surf/work privately you can restore them when you wish! It can also clear all your personal history lists (like history pages)!HideAll is a quality software at really low price!

hide windows show windows protect privacy clear history

biorhythms software

Natural Biorhythms by White Stranger Group

Advanced biorhythms calculator. Knowing your biorhythms, you can be sure about what to expect from each day in order to succeed at business, or in sports, exams or job interviews, negotiating or dating. Be a winner in any situation!

biorhythms calculator life cycle chart printable monthly calendar i ching rhythm relationship advises advanced

business letter software

Best Business Letters by Best Business Letters Inc

We have over 3,000 professionally prepared business letters available on our site to assist you with your everyday business needs. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Save time and money! Yours to keep forever! Quick software download!

business letter business letter format sample business letter business letter writing how to write a business letter example of business letter buisness letter sampler acceptance letter collection letter letter of credit

jsoft software

Conversions+ by JSoft Consulting

Conversion software that converts over 600 different measurements. Linear Measure, Area, Temperature, Weight, Liquid, Volume, Speed and Time measurements can all be converted within their specific category.

jsoft consulting measure up convert linear volume weight time liquid area speed evaluate register on-line windows free download converts over 600 different measurements seven categories

command line email software

febooti Command line email by febooti software

Utility to send email from command prompt; send attached files, plain text or HTML (with embedded pictures). Supported - TO, CC (Carbon Copy), BCC (Blind Carbon Copy), alternate text for email programs that do not support HTML messages, text encoding

command line email command line mail command line mailer command line e-mailer command line smtp scheduled email send email command line html email html mail automatically send e mail send email command prompt send attached files plain text html


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