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need3space software

Need3Space by 585Soft

Need3Space is a comprehensive set of tools which helps you control and manage your disk space, while also gathering free space, for any drive. You can find duplicate files, temporary files, unneeded or junk files, empty files and folders.

need3space clean duplicate files temporary files uninstaller disk information disk space analyze recycle bin explorer need3space helps manage disk space while also gathering

destroys software

BPS Data Shredder by Bullet Proof Soft

BPS Data Shredder literally destroys files, free space and your Recycle Bin contents instead of only deleting them. That means your data contents once overwritten and destroyed It can't be recovered.

destroys deleting overwritten recovered shred data stored unallocated clusters directory entry series replacing reused retrieved unerase utilities overwrites quick prevent

dasd software

IP_SpaceMon by IP Worx

SpaceMon makes it easy to watch network storage space and alert you from your current network monitoring package* or simply rely on notification email sent by SpaceMon when a resource dips below the amount of free space you specify.

dasd network monitor space storage drive disk spacemon watchs network storage sends email low outages

bestcrypt software

BestCrypt by Jetico, Inc.

BestCrypt is easy-to-use, powerful data encryption software. You allocate a portion (container) of free space of your drive where you keep all your sensitive data in encrypted form. BestCrypt creates a virtual drive in your system which you work with

bestcrypt security encryption protection hacker bcwipe bestcrypt protects secret other peoples eyes

folder software

ViewFolderSize by Andrey Veselov

ViewFolderSize is Windows Explorer add-in, which adds ability to view folder's content size as well as file size. Now you needn't any additional utility to find a folder where you waste disk's free space.

folder size utility shell enhancement folder size shell enhancement adds new ability view folders content standard explorer

disk software

FreeSpace Pro by SadhuSystems

This utilty shows space usage on all drives in real-time, local and network drives. Can play sound or execute program on low disk space and has tray icon with free space indicator.

disk harddisk used space utility space left low space warning disk tool free space free utilty shows usage drives real-time local

shred software

Mutilate File Wiper by Craig Christensen

Mutilate shreds sensitive files so they cannot be recovered or undeleted. With the disk free space wiper, Mutilate will destroy previously deleted files on your hard drive. Predefine up to 13 target files or folders using Power Mutilator.

shred shredder erase secure delete undelete purge washer swap file swapfile forensic hard drive magnetic evidence data recovery overwrite data wiper sanitize sanitization dod 5220-22-m dod-5220-22m

shred software

Shred XP by Gale-Force Software

Using over a dozen government and industry-proven shredding methods, Shred XP returns control to you by securely deleting current files, previously 'deleted' files, the recycle bin, drive free space, file tips, names, dates, sizes.

shred shredxp evidence eliminator eraser privacy expert remove securely traces current previously deleted

tetris software

Puzzle Ring by Alawar Entertainment&Arkon Games

Puzzle Ring is yet another game based on falling bricks concept. The aim is to build as much horizontal rings of falling blocks as you can. Every complete ring you made disappears making free space for the next blocks.

tetris puzzle ring games alawar entertainment build horizontal rings falling blocks 3d tetris-like

fosi software

FoSi++ by HushPage

FOSI is tool to visualize the size of the folders on a hard disk. Browse through the folders via Bar Chart or Pie Chart or ListView and see clearly where your HD space is gone to. Options: Print Chart, Save Image, Rotate Chart, Include Free Space etc

fosi visualize chart bar pie rotate analyse fosi hard


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