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Ftc Software

hash software

HashTrie by SoftComplete Development

High efficient dynamic hash table with tree organization

hash tree dynamic hashtrie high efficient dynamic hash table tree organization

cooking software

SoftCuisine by MediaWeb

SoftCuisine is a simple and complete package for storing recipes. It handles planning meals, creating shopping lists and can store information on individual ingredients. SoftCuisine 2 is free to use.

cooking recipes softcuisine free simple recipe keeper

sourcecode analysis software

ReFiT (Realtime File Transparency) by WPMS AG (Werner Paulus Migrations Systeme)

The Analyzer helps programmers to get an overview about the components of a programm. The Generator produces Cobol I/O modules that contain all basic input/output operations. The Workbench will generate up to 99% of all required transformation coding

sourcecode analysis version check referential integrity reverse engineering data dictionary reengineering data migration legacy to web cobol generator refit source analyzer cobol module generator migration workbench


SoftCAT by FNProgramvare

SoftCAT is a database application designed to help you organize your software. Not only will SoftCAT help you know what you have and where it is, but it will also help you keep track of information like serial number, and registration name.

organize catalog collection registration serial number license license file database report search query keep track of softcat database application designed help organize software

shell software

Control Runner by MomSoft

Control Runner is a program launcher and manager for Windows (95/98/Me/2000/XP) that can substantially increase your productivity. Control Runner is built on the popular MomShell program manager, first released in 1995.

shell desktop launcher launch program manager monitor utility definitive program launcher manager windows just got better

shareware software

Shareware Assistant by OCloud Software

Shareware Assistant is designed to help shareware authors process orders, manage their business, track customer information and offer/ship physical product. It can automatically retrieve order mails from registration services, such as Regnow&Shareit.

shareware order mail customer order processing customer tracking tool shareware authors

texture software

Fractal Texture Composer by GPUTech

Fractal Texture Composer (FTC) is an advanced and highly innovative texture creation software that contains powerful tools that enable the user to create thousands of original textures.

texture graphic video animation fractal background tile web fractal texture composer ftc texture creation software


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