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Ftp Software

ftp software

Crob FTP Server by Crob Software Studio

FTP Server with database supported! It can build download/upload system in internet/LAN/WAN or other kind of network with high performance. To build a files share environment in you company/website or home.

ftp server database web asp ftp server database supported

web development software

Xtreeme WebsMill Free Edition by Xtreeme GmbH

Using this web development (CMS) software based on XML and XSL technology you can create websites that are extremely flexible and easy to change through separation of content and graphical appearance. Automatic FTP upload, graphical buttons and more.

web development xsl xml html cms editor content management system utility application website web site web publishing html development solution

shopping cart software

FORTUNE3 Shopping Cart & ECommerce Wizard by FORTUNE3

This powerful ECommerce program generates Web pages, shopping carts, and entire Web stores with complete E-Commerce capabilities. It has a built-in HTML editor and FTP client. You can use it to create wholesale and retail Web stores.

shopping cart ecommerce e-commerce solutions b2b b2c web store builder system powerful shopping cart creates manages professional web stores

ftp software

MIDI Sleuth by Yernar Shambayev

It's a FTP based easy-to-use search engine for MIDI files that saves your hours of surfing the Internet and looking for a particular MIDI title.

ftp search engine midi files skinnable ftp based search engine midi files

robotftp software

Robotftp Client by Robotftp Software

Whether uploading files to web servers, downloading updates, direct-editing files on remote computers, or unzipping files, Robotftp makes the job easy, fast, and reliable.

robotftp ftp resume upload whether uploading files web server

backup software

BackLife by Acebytes Software

Support for several backup media.Integrated zip compression.Flexible and powerful scheduler.Fully optimized data copy mechanism.Backup of local/LAN/FTP folders/files at a time.Easy to use backup file selection. Activity log for each backup task.

backup ftp lan powerful scheduler vc project compression powerful easy-to-use backup utility backup data anywhere anywhere

site software

SiteMan by RF1 Systems

SiteMan is useful tool for web site creation and site management. It has build-in FTP client, templates editor, file manager. Registred users will have free updates for all further versions.

site manager parser create editor upload uploader siteman create site

ftp software

The Personal FTP Server by Michael Roth Software

The Freeware version of our FTP Servers PFTP with much more features. Multidirectories, Ratio and an easy user interface. All passwords are saved in encrypted form.

ftp personal ftp server personal ftp server

file manager software

FileAnt by OneHundredAngryAnts

FileAnt is a File Manager on tabs, it is also an Ftp Client and has nice features such as folder pie charts, and a viewer for commonly used file formats. Advanced tools let you modify file dates, sync folders, and change file attributes.

file manager ftp date compare pie screen saver viewer fileant file manager ftp client advanced tools file viewer

ftp software

DevSolutions FTP by DevSolutions

DevSolutions FTP component is a client side component Build on VC++ COM technology ,to enable the rapid construction of high-quality/high-performance custom applications with Microsoft Tech. on Internet and Intranet. it support SSL,Site To Site comm.

ftp internet application download file upload file get file get put file put server to server site to site ftp client sending receiving files be accomplished single line code

record software

Stealth Recorder by TOBEST Inc.

You can secretly record any sounds by real-time MP3 supporting Voice Activation System and transfer them automatically by email or FTP in perfect stealth mode. You can send your voice message to anybody by e-mail also.

record mp3 voice message email mail ftp secret stealth transfer sound recorder wav tray secretly record sounds transfer them email ftp voice activation

ftp software

Fastream NetFile by Fastream Technologies

Formerly known as FTP++ P2P, NetFile is a multi-threaded FTP client with resuming, passive mode, simultaneous multi-socket file transfers.

ftp client http resume passive upload delete recursive multiple simultaneous fast intel windows me windows 2000 whistler peer-to-peer peer search file mp3 wav exe rar

ftp software

IglooFTP PRO by IFTPSoft

Award winning FTP Client featuring simultaneous FTP / FXP sessions sessions with SSL support. Its main features are to be easy to use and intuitive when used by novice, but powerful and fully configurable in the hand of experienced users.

ftp fxp client internet network networking transfer files srp ssl tls ftp client featuring simultaneous ftp fxp sessions ssl support

ftp software

SlimFTPd by WhitSoft Development

SlimFTPd is a fully multi-threaded standards-compliant FTP server that runs as a system service on Windows 98/ME or Windows NT/2K/XP. Its virtual file system allows you to mount any local path to any virtual path on the server's file system.

ftp server daemon demon port file share sharing protocol transfer passive resume connection standards-compliant ftp server advanced virtual file system

smartftp backup tool software

SmartFTP Backup Tool by SmartFTP

The SmartFTP Backup Tool features backup and recovery functions for the SmartFTP data files and the registry settings.

smartftp backup tool smartftp ftp backup utility smartftp backup utility


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