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synchronizer software

SynchronEX Backup & FTP by Xellsoft

File and directory synchronizer, backup, ZIP, incremental FTP upload, finding duplicate files in applications like laptop/server-synchronization, multi-point authoring with collision detection, super and nested syncs. Integrated into Windows Explorer

synchronizer file backup ftp upload directory tree synchronization synchronisation directories copy collision detection incremental duplicate files mirroring utility tool

backup software

Handy Backup Pro by Novosoft Inc.

Easy-to-use and powerful backup program for Windows 9x/NT/2000/Me/XP. Can work with CD-R/W, FTP or LAN. Flexible scheduler, strong file encryption and multichoice ZIP compression. The program can be run as a service under Windows NT/2000/XP.

backup backup software data backup compression cd rw encryption ftp icq outlook system registry lan program cd registry backup cd-r ftp lan scheduler zip compression encryption

photo druid software

Photo Druid by XemiComputers Ltd.

Photo Druid will help you manage and share your digital photos and images hassle free. Many image actions are available (rotate, resize, crop...) and you can apply them to multiple selections. Extras: HTML album generator, FTP upload, send by e-mail.

photo druid digital photos images pictures photographs rotate resize crop mirror blur equalize histogram flip sepia sharpen manage process handle improve filter share html album ftp upload e-mail email

apache software

Xlogan by Axe Software

Easy-to-use web server log file analyser for Apache-format log files, with integrated FTP browser and support for .gz compressed files. Reports visitor numbers and countries, referrers, browsers, downloads and search terms.

apache log analyser analyse analyzer analyze easy-to-use web server log file analyser apache-format log files

ftp client software

Uploader! by ksoft

Uploader! is a quick and easy FTP upload tool to send your files to your web site. You simply enter an ftp address, username, and password and select the files to send. Uploader! includes a drag and drop interface. After you have your settings fille

ftp client upload ftp tool ftp file transfer easy ftp upload utility about simple gets

network monitoring software

IPSentry Network Monitoring Suite by RGE, Inc.

Use this software to monitor your network servers and devices 24 hours a day, ensuring that your e-mail servers, Web sites, FTP servers, news servers, routers, and other devices and services are active and responding.

network monitoring disk monitoring database performance availability monitor network its devices receive notifications problems

ftp software

FTP client for windows ProFTP by Labtam Inc. by Labtam Inc.

FTP client for windows 95/98/2000/NT ProFTP. Allows you to transfer files between your PC and remote computer using ARPANET standard FTP. Download and try it for free.

ftp ftp software ftp client free ftp ftp program ftp download ftp downloads free ftp client free ftp program ftp free ftp tutorial ftp pro ftp help ftp client 95 98 nt 2000 try

ftp software

FTP Commander Pro by InternetSoft Corporation

FTP Commander Pro is simple and easy to use. It offers a no-nonsense interface consisting of two side-by-side local computer and FTP server panels.

ftp ftp client ftp software ftp program upload transfer command navigator server resume website transfer files ease using powerful ftp client

ftp software

The Personal FTP Server Professional by Michael Roth Software

The Professional Version of our FTP Servers PFTP with mcuh more features. Multidirectories, Remotecontrol worldwide with any Browser, more rights, easy to use. Now with 24 directorys for each user.

ftp pro professional version ftp servers pftp

editor software

SuperEdi by WoLoSoft International

Text and HTML Editor with syntax coloring, FTP client, text clips, quick start bar, context sensitive help and integrated directory tree. Use scripts written in VBScript, JScript or PerlScript for automation.

editor text html ftp unicode unicode text html editor syntax coloring ftp client

ftp software

1st Choice FTPPro by Sabine Consulting

1st Choice FTPPro looks and feels just like Windows Explorer, except you can also transfer files to and from FTP sites.

ftp ftppro wsftp cuteftp upload client site internet tool website 1st choice ftppro looks feels just explorer

ftp client software

FTPDummy! by k.soft

FTPDummy! is the only ftp client to combine online editing and builtin previewing of files directly on the ftp site. It also contains all the features of the best ftp clients plus sounds and animations, offline browsing, autoexecute files, file p

ftp client internet easy ftp client edit preview files directly online

scheduler software

Automize by Hitek Software

Automate multiple file ftp transfers, ftp daemon and monitor, web downloads through proxy or secured websites, check or send emai, success based chaining of tasks, and other tasks like copy, zip, print, delete.

scheduler task scheduler automate email ftp script command schedule nt solaris linux unix macintosh macos download program web

ftp software

AbleFtp by Hitek Software

Ftp client with a difference. Designed primary for automation of ftp and related tasks. Goal is to create advanced ftp tasks that can be scheduled automatically or run instantly.

ftp automate schedule task scheduler zip copy delete ftp client designed automate schedule various types ftp tasks

ftp software

FTP Navigator by InternetSoft Corporation

The superb options of FTP Navigator program include: directory synchronization on local and remote access computers, a full range of keys and options to monitor command line control, manual input of FTP commands, etc.

ftp upload transfer command navigator server resume website transfer files ease using powerful ftp client


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