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cockroaches software

Cockroaches by Alawar Entertainment&GameOverGames

Cockroaches have invaded your house. They are so numerous that they are not at all scared to run about the room and are paying no notice whatever of you.

game house cockroaches arcade new invaded entertainment have alawar cockroaches

action software

Just Shoot The Thing by Digital Liquid

The usual blow the hell out of it fast paced shoot-em up. Features shields, bonus ships, powerups, 50 randomized Sound effects, 10 built in targets, 3 different weapons, take any image from the clipboard and use it as the target.

just shoot the thing action arcade shoot game play

free games software

The fake of the house by Dani Games

An evil terrorist has robbed the National Bank and he wants to use that gold to buy a greenzep acid. It is a powerfull component to make a weapon and conquest the Earth. Your mission is to recuperate the gold.

arcade games fps games arcade free game free games games action games

ping software

Prestwood Ping Server by Prestwood Software

The Prestwood Ping Server automates the monitoring of web sites and ftp sites by issuing ping or HTTP requests on regular intervals. Designed to send automated email messages whenever a site is determined to be down.

ping sites server monitoring internet automates monitor server ping ftp down sites web site prestwood ftp dead

bouncin software

MicroGolf Board (Windows) by Digital Smithy, LLC

MicroGolf is an add on "Board" for BOUNCIN'. Shoot the ball in the hole to progress to the next hole. Collect Gold Tees to earn bonus points. You are allowed 8 attempts, or "Strokes" to sink the ball in the hole.

hockey golf air hockey minigolf bouncin hot pinball microgolf bouncin bounce breakout add board games new

bubble software

Bubble Ice Age by Realore Studios

Hot shot for kids and adults! Shoot three or more ice bubbles of the same color to blow them up and remove from the playing field. If you are a keen shooter, you will clear the whole playing field and win!

ball download color arcade ice shot hot game kids bubbles kids age adults puzzle bubble snood

sheep software

Sheeps Quest by Alawar Entertainment

Play this stimulating brainteaser in which you help a herd of sheep collect enough coins to rebuild their once magnificent farm. Featuring colorful graphics and delightful audio, Sheeps Quest is sure to become one of your favorites!

quest sheep

crossword software

TEA Crossword Helper by Bryson Limited

TEA is a crossword puzzle solver with over 900,000 words and phrases. It finds crossword answers; solves anagram clues; helps with other word games such as Scrabble and Countdown; shows word meanings in an integrated dictionary and thesaurus.

boggle electronic countdown clue game lists cryptogram solutions palindrome solver windows software tautonym anagram word crossword

cribbage software

Championship Cribbage Pro Card Game for Palm by DreamQuest Software

Championship Cribbage Pro offers a fun and exciting gaming experience for casual and hardcore fans. Master your skills, customize your game, and compete online in our free Internet lobby. Play at your desk or on-the-go on any device. Free trial.

online game web pocketpc p800 nokia challenge cribbage card games play shareware windows card online

poker software

Poker Mavens by Briggs Softworks

Poker Mavens is Texas Hold''em poker software that lets both friends and strangers play against each other over the Internet or home network. The software comes in two parts: a free Client Module that each player uses plus a Server Module.

holdem poker internet card game server network texas holdem


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