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excel software

Real Option Valuation by Excel Business Tools

The Real Option Valuation model encompasses a suite of option pricing tools to quantify the embedded strategic value for a range of financial analysis and investment scenarios. Option pricing tools include Black-Scholes, Binomial, and Game Theory.

valuation project excel template bcholes game embedded financial pricing binomial analysis equilibrium theory strategic black option

puzzle software

3DJongPuzzle by SoftAKGames

3DJongPuzzle is the mah jongg - like tile solitaire game for Windows. It is a fun tile matching game, that tests your mind. The goal of 3DJongPuzzle is to remove all of the tiles from the game board. Tiles can be removed only in pairs of free tiles.

tile mah jongg solitaire games puzzles matching solitaire game jongpuzzle game computer game tile jongg mah jongg 3djongpuzzle mah jong

arcade software

TerraFire by ORT Software

Award-winning arcade game featuring stunning raytraced graphics and super-smooth 360 degree parallax scrolling. Blast your ship through heavily defended underground caverns, past wind tunnels, fire-walls and subterranean lakes.

games stunning award-winning shooting arcade space arcade action raytraced subterranean graphics aliens featuring game invaders asteroids

music software

Kudos : Rock Legend by Positech Computing Ltd

Fun turn-based strategy game where you form your own rock/pop band and try to go from nobody to megastar within five years! Write the songs, book the gigs, choose your band... features record deals, band arguments, product endorsements and more.

kudos music simulation rockstar musician rock-band lifesim sim legend band life-sim

fatman software

Fatman Adventures by Another Day LTD

Join gamers worldwide and help Fatman complete his treasure hunt adventure. The game puts you in control of a cute creature - Fatman that can run, jump, climb, glide on thermals and teleport as well as set traps, use magic items and shoot his gun.

rubins games online game gold action fatman lode runner another day- another day games anotherdaygames lode runer another runner action game fatman adventures lode arcade game

cards software

Tams11 OhPShaw by Tamera A Shaw-McGuire

Online Card game similar to Spades. Number of cards in your hand changes each round and makes for interesting play. You get points if you get the amount of tricks you bid for. To play with others you need the Tams11 Lobby found at

card game games spades card blackout multiplayer online card game tams11 oh hell online cards download game

crossword software

Word-Fit by Jocelyn Dubé

Word-Fit is a bilingual (fr,en) crossword puzzle game generator software. You may generate french or english wordfit crossword puzzles with this game software. Complete the 20x20 grill with the supplied word list then create a new one to play again.

bilingual crossword word-fit game software en word search generator word game word puzzle software download game puzzle maker puzzle fr software crossword

mage software

Archmage by 300AD

ArchMage is an action game set in a fantasy world where you fight and ride a dragon or a unicorn and destroy hordes of evil monsters to rescue the Lake Shire.

game mage fantasy shooter action

diceo software

Diceo by CleverClues by

Diceo is a traditional dice game recreated in a windows game. Roll the Dice! The game automatically keeps score! A fun, addictive and educational dice game!.

dice game diceo die

alex software

Alex Gordon by Alawar Entertainment

Alex Gordon is a cat with a hero''s heart and adventure flowing through his veins! Help him run and jump his way to fortune and glory as he explores exotic game worlds and overcomes a cunning nemesis!

alex cat game gordon cat


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