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mariolike software

GRIZZLY Adventure by Jadeware

Grizzly Adventure is jadeware's new platform game complete with over 30 action packed levels. An evil sorcerer has taken control of Grizzly's forest and driven the creatures completely mad.

adventure plateform grizzly run jump 30 game over complete grizzly great jadeware platform mariolike levels fun

logic software

SlideMania by BlueMoonGames

The outstanding clone of legendary logic game Sokoban. Your mission is to put each of colored blocks on a new place of the same color. Sounding easy? Yes, the game is easy to learn, but hard to master!

bricks tiles puzzle legendary puzzles sokoban blocks logic logic game clone combinatoric game outstanding

techno software

Techno Puzzle by StuGroup

This game introduces itself one of the variant puzzles. The game has collected in itself basic line of puzzles. Techno Puzzles undertakes only that part of puzzles in which the moving of the drawing piece by places is possible.

techno puzzle

brickbuster software

BrickBuster 2 by Nordic Software for Entertainment

BrickBuster 2 is a brick breaking game with time limited power-ups, high pace, sudden death and no extra balls. A challenge even for advanced players. Can you master the hard or insane mode? If not, there''s also a normal and an easy mode.

brick breaker brick buster breakout brickbuster action arcade advanced

tournament software

Tourney Master by Northbyte

Tourney Master 3 is powerful tournament software with rich set of features that allows you to easily create tournament brackets, schedule game times, seed the teams, print or export tournament brackets and reports to HTML for publishing online.

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bricks game software

Brix 2000 by Douglas Paul Adams LLC

This is a game similar to DX-Ball or Breakout, where you have to break the bricks by bouncing a ball off your paddle. I have made 5 levels so far, and hope to include sound and powerups eventually... this game also has variable speed.

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lines software

Lines Deluxe by FlashShare Inc.

Lines Deluxe is a take on the classic Lines game. Your goal is to align balls into lines of the same color by moving the balls on the game board. Aligning five balls of the same color lines, will wipe them off the board and you will score points.

same download lines deluxe lines games balls lines forming lines deluxe free download lines rows explode lines five color download lines

game software

BOXES1 by DynoTech Software

BOXES v7.0 [ASP]: Fun, challenging, addictive puzzle game for windows. Eliminate colored crates by maneuvering and dropping boxes on them. But, watch out for falling stones. Smarts are more important than speed. It's not as easy as it looks!

music dynotech graphics logical boxes digital women logic sound fun tetris mind puzzle thinking game puzzles

twenty card keno software

Twenty Card Keno by Mike's Freeware

Twenty Card Keno allows you to play twenty cards at the same time, using the same random numbers for each card. Features incude Autoplay, Advanced Card Marking Features, Sound, speed controls, Save/Load Game and many more.

20 card keno casino card twenty card keno twenty twenty keno same play time keno cards allows

old game software

Hangtris by Shareware Hangvogel

Tetris game with mirror function, fast move and bombs. 12 levels free! This free version counts 12 levels returning forever. Advantages: more than 40 different shapes of blocks, use a mirror and turbo move.

cube tetris old game dos style tetris belgium old-style block tetris bomb


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