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Monster Bingo by A. Powell

A new game of bingo, the shareware version comes with three games types, the registered version comes with lots more. You can even print out the cards and play with friends away from the computer.

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The Goobs by Redclaw Games

Goobs are little round creatures from the planet Stoompf. These particular Goobs have got themselves stuck on a series of floating space platforms. And they need your help! Goobs is a 55 level puzzle game with great graphics, sound, and fun gameplay.

game demo goobs puzzle fun challenging play levels bonus platform theyre small round not too bright help them get home safely

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Trilix by Redclaw Games

The idea of the game is to spot groups of three or more touching tiles of the same colour, as the pile gets bigger and bigger. Skill and precision are needed as the game slowly increases in speed. Lots of frantic action and fun, with great graphics.

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Buboids: The 3D Action Puzzle Game by Blue Dojo Studios

Buboids! The 3D Action Puzzle Game - Help cute creatures defy gravity by solving unique and exciting 2D and 3D puzzles that require both a keen mind and a steady hand in this one-of-a-kind action puzzle video game

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puzzle games software

Fred Perry Gold Digger Puzzle Game CDRom and Demo by GLIPS Entertainment, Inc.

Puzzle game with exclusively licensed comic for Fred Perry fans. Great family fun. We recommend this game.

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magicworld software

MagicWorld by Funny Arts

Forget about your daily routine and dive into this amazing world of mystery and adventure. Lead your little hero through this beautiful world full of risky turns and joyful surprises.

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Slice'n'Splice by SadMan Software

Slices huge files into manageable chunks, and then splices them back together again. Useful for transferring files to other machines via floppy, email or internet, without having to restart the whole job if a single floppy fails.

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Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese by Hamumu Software

You'll never find a bigger game than this! Over 1,200 levels packed to the brim with over 200 monsters, 20 special weapons, endless puzzles, and brains and candles you'll need to collect. Includes a level editor and over 150 bonuses to unlock!

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Domino Dash by Redclaw Games

Travel the world beating a series of fun domino toppling challenges, using twelve different types of dominos each with their own special abilities.

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solitaire software

SolSuite 2004 - Solitaire Card Games Suite by

SolSuite 2004 is a high-quality collection of 394 different Solitaire Card Games. Never play the same game twice as each Solitaire has more than 9 trillion (9,999,999,999,999) possibilities.

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