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pdf creation software

absolutePDF-Spool CMD by absolutePDF

absolutePDF Spool CMD lets you generate full graphical PDF reports from plain ASCII text files without the need for other expensive tools. No Adobe Acrobat required!

pdf creation pdf spool spool to pdf as400 spool conversion pdf to email command line tool conversion ascii text pdf graphical layout

wallpapers software

Gen-Tile by Holotronix srl

Creates an infinity of tile wallpapers. Generate and edit random images.

wallpapers backgrounds tiles graphics images graphical art painting web designer artists art web programmer build internet utilities creates infinity tile wallpapers generate edit random images

backup software

@Home Backup by RD Technologies

A backup tool for home computing in a familiar wizard mode. @Home Backup comes with its own burner driver to back up data to any kind of CD or DVD. @Home Backup is zip file compatible and allows to generate archive file > 4GB.

backup restore data crash save backup tool home computing familiar wizard mode

file software

File Generator by Campbellsville Apparel Corporation

Allows you to generate test files of any size with any type of random data

file generator test data ignyte ashtrin utility random microsoft

post software

Survival Crisis Z by Totally Screwed Software

Survival Crisis Z is an open ended post-apocalyptic zombie survival adventure. Several strategies are at the players disposal in a chaotic, randomly generated city.

post apocalyptic zombie adventure post-apocalyptic zombie survival open ended environment

2d software

Scudden Death 2 by Domenic Team

A real-time 2D war game. You can play singleplayer missions and multiplayer splitscreen. You can even add additional levels and missions created by yourself or others, and generate random missions on the fly, using the in-game mission generator.

2d shareware game splitscreen split screen war units singleplayer single player multiplayer multi player real time real-time realtime real-time 2d war game play singleplayer missions multiplayer splitscreen

link software

LinkMachine by IronZog

Reciprocal link exchange management software that makes it easy to find and contact quality link partners, generate custom link pages that match your site, and keep track of reciprocal links. Link exchanges increase a site's traffic and sales.

link links link exchange reciprocal links reciprocal link exchange search engine ranking promotion search engine reciprocal link exchange management software increase site traffic sales

access software

VB Net Maker by Swing

Thousand VB.Net lines written in one click! This Generator browses a Data Base (Oracle, Access) and builds VB Net Modules : Data Access Layer, with Classes for DataBase Tables, and sub classes for foreign keys. It generates also aspx and aspx.vb.

access vb net dot dot net vb-net oracle development asp aspx visual basic generator browse data base build vb net modules

database software

EasyStruct 4.5 Enterprise by Vishwak Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Document database structure and generate customized reports as xml, html or Microsoft Word documents. Migrate all or selected database objects between supported databases. Execute sql statements and view the output or save it as html

database structure document database migration microsoft access sql server oracle ibm db2 sql ms access personal oracle document database structure migrate structure between supported databases

hztail software

HzTail by Hoo Tech

HzTail is a WinTail. It is a real-time file viewing Windows utility like the Unix tail -f utility. It can be used to view the end of a growing file. It is ideal for viewing application traces or server logs in real time, as they are generated.

hztail tail wintail file utility debug f real-time file viewing utility unix tail f utility


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