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technical software

Silicon Reports by

Technical Analysis tool to determine if you should be in a long or short position on any equity. Generates a detailed report showing the results from over 30 forms of TA.

technical analysis stocks shares investment technical analysis tool determine should be trading long short

beachvolleyball software

Volleyball Manager by Ronny Roeller

The Volleyball Manager supports the planning, processing, and documentation of volleyball tournaments and leagues. The automatic scheduler generates an optimized schedule which can be freely modified. Includes beamer and terminal module.

beachvolleyball volleyball program tournament liga leagues challenge sport scheduler organize optimizer volleyball manager reduce effort tournament organisation

registry software

My Bug Free PC by eSunSoft Technologies

If your PC is no longer performing as it used to, and generates various errors messages and If you'd like to know just how many redundant files are littered around in your PC just download and run our tool "My Bug Free PC".

registry repair bug drivers clean desktop shortcut link registry entries registry cleaner registry sweeper registry remover clean my pc reg my bug free pc safely clean repair registry

domain names software

Expired Domain Sniffer by

Find expired domain names by browsing the internet, searching yahoo/google, and much more. Many programs in one! -Browse for Domain Names -Search Yahoo/Google for Domain Names -Generate Domain Names -Search lists of domain names -Many more!

domain names expired domains domain expired find expired domain names browsing internet searching yahoo google

content management system software

SiteBreeze by Triplehash

Triplehash SiteBreeze lets people with no web-design knowledge update your website. Being desktop-based, you can work on the content offline, and then publish to the web at a later stage. SiteBreeze generates HTML sites.

content management system website manager html editor desktop-based cross-platform content management system generates html

applications software

Printfil - Windows Printing System for Applications by p.i. Guolo Davide

This software, designed for Microsoft Windows, allows to print ASCII text files using any printer with a Windows driver, including USB, network and faxmodems. The file can be generated from a DOS/WIN/UNIX/LINUX application and exported in PDF format.

applications printers dos unix linux printfil printfil background images preview fax network usb usb barcodes terminal emulator terminal emulator transparent-print transparent settings software shareware download pdf bmp

passwords software

MaxPasswords by Max2k

It generates random passwords.

passwords random numbers characters symbols mask generate generates random passwords

time software

WR Time Tracker by WR Consulting

WR Time Tracker is a simple, open source, web-based time tracking system. It works as a web service and allows you to: create user logins and organize them in teams, create and modify projects and activities, input work time, generate & send reports.

time time tracking time tracker project time work time working time work hours working hours timesheet timecard time report simple open source web-based time tracking system everyone

indian software

Horoscope Explorer by PublicSoft India

Generate Horoscopes quickly, easily and accurately with Horoscope Explorer. India's largest selling Vedic Astrology software, generates a wide variety of reports and predictions, makes yearly progressed horoscopes (Varshaphala)

indian horoscope astrology vedic prediction fortune horoscope software based indian vedic astrology generates charts predicit

oracle report software

rep2excel by Lion Soft

Rep2excel is a win32 console application , It can convert .html file generated by oracle report server (6i or higher) to ms-excel format , you can access the output excel file via browser.

oracle report htmlcss html to excel convert to excel oracle to excel report 6i rep2excel most powerful oracle report excel converter


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