Genetics Software

simulation software

Framsticks Theater by Capstone

Can be run on standalone workstations as a show (artistic installations, shops, fairs), as well as for education (e.g. biology, evolution, optimization, simulation, robotics), illustration, attractive graphical background for music, advertisement...

simulation evolution graphics 3d artificial life virtual world education mutation interaction synthetic

laboratory software

BioPort by Manfred Maier, EDV Dienstleistungen

BioPort - The info portal for the biomedical lab Here you will find useful links about the theme "The biomedical lab". The browser portal offers additionally some further useful functions not provided by your default browser.

laboratory biomedicine biochemistry biology biolinks information portal browser bioport biology links

dna software

OnScreen DNA Lite by OnScreen Science, Inc.

OnScreen DNA Lite teaches the detailed structure of DNA by means of an interactive 3D virtual model. It consists of two activities taken from more advanced editions. On-screen tutorials guide you through an enjoyable exploration of the double helix.

dna virtual model genetics simulation courseware genome visualization double helix biology

desktop software

BioMolecula WallPaper by TERMINAL Studio

This program creates custom Desktop Wallpaper for your PC every time Windows starting. Real 3D models of biological molecules are shown on wallpaper image. Six molecules are available in the current version: four prototypes of DNA and two proteins.

desktop wallpaper 3d bio molecule dna protein science fiction biological organic

sound genetics software

SX Fidelity Amplifier by Sound Genetics, Inc.

SX Fidelity Amplifier is the world''s first PC-based fidelity amplifier for encoded music. It allows users to improve the quality of their digital music. And it works independent of source, independent of encoding, even independent of media player.

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screensaver software

BioMolecula 3D ScreenSaver by TERMINAL Studio

This screensaver shows real 3D models of biological molecules in dynamics. Your screen will look like screens of computers in science fiction films! Six molecules are available in the current version: four prototypes of DNA and two proteins.

screensaver screen saver 3d bio molecule dna protein science fiction biological

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