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georeference software

RoboGEO by TimTech Computer

Georeference digital images with latitude, longitude, and altitude information. Stamp this info on the actual images or write to the EXIF headers. Works with any modern digital camera. No GPS required. F1 help. Low cost and easy to use.

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rom software

RomCenter by RomCenter

Universal rom manager. It takes care of your roms, audits and fixes them to get perfect games files to play with your emulators. More than 60000 games can be fixed. All consoles, arcade, computers and handheld are available.

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engineering software

AMSES Plate by Ainet projektiranje

FEM analysis and design of reinforced concrete slabs according to Eurocode 2. The program uses enhanced user interface for the geometry input. Finite element mesh is automaticaly generated. During the analysis, the design is performed as well.

engineering eurocode finite element design plate slab fem analysis design reinforced concrete slabs according eurocode 2

version software

Version Manager by MakeLogic

VersionManager is an application software measurement system. It gives a quantitative measure of the Total Users, Active Users, Usage Time, Live bug reports and many more parameters that asses the value offered by a software.See

version manager makelogic software measurement system statistics application measurement application statistics quantitative measurement system application software

kids software

Geometry Master by Caltrox Educational Software

Geometry Master 3.0 is a Geometry Tutor that enhances Geometrical, Spatial and Drawing skills. The program comes with many excellent drawing tools.

kids childrens math arithmetic kids geometry child childrens educational learning study student school excellent tool kids learn geometry

shareware software

MetaScope by KrazyDad

Create beautiful Kaleidoscopic screensavers in seconds. Searches the Internet for images using Image search services such as Google and AltaVista.

shareware demo screensaver kaleidoscope kaleidoscopic screen saver internet image-search metascope kaleidoscope screensaver searches internet pictures

outlook software

Patient Information Management 2004 by ABIS Incorporated

P.I.M. 2004 is a Microsoft® Office add-in that transforms your MS Outlook into a professional patient manager.

outlook add-in office application com add-in crm patient management contact scheduler 2004 office add-in professionals medical field


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