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business pims software

II_WorkLog by Image Integration

Attendance recorder for small companies with computer workstations. No need to buy a punch clock or to use paper, calculator or spreadsheet programs. Displays an actual clock, in- and out time, estimated out time, target time, total account.

business pims business organizers punch clock attendance recorder ideally suited small companies private punch clock

adjust clock software

TimeSync by Luzius Schneider

TimeSync is a program to adjust the system time of your Computer. It gets the correct present time from the Internet. TimeSync allows automatic adjustment of your clock every few days with virtually no consummation of resources.

adjust clock clock adjustment clock time adjust set time get time synchronize timesync allows adjust clock computer using internet

find software

WinSuperKit by Mjksoft, Inc.

WinSuperKit is a powerful network, file compare toolkit that helps you to get ip address and geographical location, capture network packet, monitor network speed.

find ip address trace geographical location compare file capture net clock search get monitor get ip address geographical location capture monitor network copy file

time logging software

II_WorkLog4All by Image Integration

The Attendance recorder for small companies and businesses. Only one computer necessary or network operation. Overview of all employees.

time logging attendance recorder punch clock track record working time multiple users one computer necessary

tracert software

NetPenguin by NetPenguin.Net

NetPenguin consists of 12 network utilities that offer a large viriety of network administration and monitoring services.

tracert ping scanner ip address locator port scanner connections packet sniffer dns query tcp/ip stat arp get time

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