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google calendar component software

Google Calendar Delphi Component by Astonsoft Ltd.

Google Calendar Delphi Component (GCDC) is a powerful component that allows you to work with Google Calendar using Delphi.

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serp monitor software

SerpSpy by Inspyder Software Inc.

Find out if your SEO efforts are working with Inspyder SerpSpy. SerpSpy automatically queries all the major search engines for your keywords and logs the results. Now you can find out for sure if your ranking is increasing or decreasing!

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xml software

XMLSpy Professional Edition by Altova, Inc.

Altova XMLSpy 2006 Professional Edition is the industry leading XML development environment, providing intuitive editing views and powerful XML utilities to model, edit, transform, and debug XML technologies quickly and easily.

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dvd copy software

AEPvideo DVD COPY by AEPsoft

AEPvideo DVD Copy provide the total of solution for making perfect copies of any DVD movies, the copied DVD is completely the same as the DVD movie you bought. Copy/backup your precious DVD without any restriction. Coping DVDs has never been easier.

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