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web search software

Web Search Bar by Ashkon Technology LLC

Search top search engines from this internet explorer tool bar. Not happy with your internet search results? Quickly switch from one search engine to the another.

web search internet search web search bar google yahoo overture altavista aol search ask jeeves msn search lycos search netscape lycos google search serp serps

vb software

VoltoGSC Google Search Component by VOLTO.COM

The VoltoGSC Google Search Component is an ActiveX DLL that provides a lightweight interface to the Google Web APIs service. The component enables applications to query more than 2 billion web documents directly.

vb google web search internet search web internet web service components dll activex component com activex dll provides interface google web apis service

browser search history eraser software

GooDelete History by PPP Infotech Ltd

Google Toolbar will clear all items in its search history. Use GooDelete History to select an item from the Google Toolbar search history list and delete it. Search the web using any type of keywords and later delete them using GooDelete.

browser search history eraser clear history erase web history remove browser traces erase browsing activity clear google search history remove google search history google toolbar individually delete google toolbar search history items

ie software

LookItUp by Soft Advances

LookItUp adds eBay, dictionary, thesaurus, quotations, and eight popular search engines to IE's context menu. Highlight a phrase on any web page, right click your mouse, and a new browser windows appears with the definition or search results.

ie msie internet explorer browser menu context menu altavista aol search ask jeeves dictionary google looksmart lycos msn netscape overture quotations thesaurus yahoo lookitup

active cleaner software

Active Cleaner by DiFolders Software

Active Cleaner is all-in-one tool that can erase traces of your online (browser history, cookies, cache) and offline activity, clean your hard drive of junk files, and protect your computer from spyware and internet worms.

active cleaner washer clean erase wash ie history tracks activity recent files cache cookies spyware privacy protection disk cleanup adware

reggie software

Reggie Pro by Reggie

Find out about free and expiring domain names easily Google search engine ranking helps you find popular expired domain names Includes 10 dictionaries (almost a million words with support for extended characters) Multithreaded=many times faster

reggie whois domain search tld server biz com info net search free expiring domain names 10 dictionaries google ranking

submitter software

Submitter software: messages boards/guestbooks/blogs by PHP/PERL Solutions

Perfect tool that easily submits your data to any message board, guestbook or any other script. Integrated Google support. From fields extractor included. Our messages boards/guestbooks database reached the count of 5000!

submitter guestbook message board blog submission seo search engines optimization website promotion link popularity google pr posting poster free php scripts submitter autosubmitter automatic auto


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