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capture software

!Glance by BlackSoftWare Inc.

!Glance captures selected screen region, windows, menues or video-frames

capture grab screen utility image animation video graphics glance captures selected screen region windows menues video-frames

optimized software

AnyToJpeg by PhotoActions

Converter "AnyToJpeg" allows you to convert any image to jpeg-format and edit it

optimized convert images jpg jpeg jpeg-format convert images picture photos converter anytojpeg allows convert image jpeg-format edit

optimized software

AnyToGif by PhotoActions

Converter "AnyToGif" allows you to convert any image to gif-format and edit it

optimized convert images gif gif-format convert images picture photos converter anytogif allows convert image gif-format edit

graphic converter software

Amazing Graphic Editor by

This software is a nice image editor and converter with useful functions.

graphic converter graphic editor software nice image editor converter useful functions

data software

Data Master 2000 by RRR

Automation of measurement systems, data acquisition, processing, analysis

data acquisition physics experiment automation measurement analysis process visual graphic editor regression fitter fitting nlsf levenberg marquardt numeric symbolic digitize science script ole activex source

magnifier software

Magical Glass by FreeStone Group

Magnifier, located above a cursor, the overlay is used

magnifier magnifying glass spyglass free spy specs glasses spectacle eyeglass case magnifier located above cursor overlay used

screen capture software

SPX Instant Screen Capture by Moodysoft Inc.

Capture and share what you see. Annotate, save, e-mail. All in one.

screen capture screen capture capture screen print screen screen print webcam cam timer record capturing screenshot training marketing image graphic email image email zoom scroll


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