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java software

jvider by BBD SOFT, UAB

GUI builder tool for Java Swing applications. With jvider you can easily design graphical user interfaces for Java applets and applications. -standard Java Swing components are used; -no absolute positioning; -tutorial & samples.

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user interface software

Nevron User Interface for .NET by Nevron

Nevron User Interface is a set of Windows Forms controls designed to provide powerful and flexible look-and-feel for your Windows Applications, written in 100% managed C# code.

user interface gui ui docking panels commandbar custom button custom scrollbar custom statusbar palette color table custom menu custom toolbar custom border checkbox radio button custom control

windows manager software

Actual Windows Manager by Actual Tools

This advanced software adds extra functionality to every window on the system. It allows you to roll-up and unroll windows, hide them to Tray, keep them on top and make them semi-transparent via new title bar buttons. Download FREE trial version now!

windows manager minimize tray stay on top desktop taskbar icon close transparent translucent transparency minimize maximize startup close popup windows automate

cdrom software

CD GUI Builder by Knightware Corp

Knightware CD GUI Builder allows you to quickly design a custom CD-ROM Graphical User Interface (GUI). This GUI will automatically be displayed when the user inserts your CD-ROM. You can create a CD-ROM GUI that allows your customers to install a

cdrom gui editing design hyperlink pages install advertise browse cd gui builder allows design custom cd-rom graphical user interfaces

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