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Brave Dwarves 2 by GameOver-Games, Ltd

- Game play without blood and violence for the entire family - Adventure in the fabulous world of magic - 11 beautiful sound themes - Rich graphics artwork - 6 episodes with something new on each one - Post your personal scores to Internet

minions weapons happy years ingenuity sumptuous feasts fairyland

puzzle software

Shipwreck by Original Games

Shipwreck is an addictive new puzzle-arcade game with brilliant graphics and fantastic music. Shoot across the board in two dimensions, blasting the oncoming walls of reefs.

arcade brilliant addictive game shipwreck new new

pool software

Kick Shot Pool by Glimmer Games

Kick Shot Pool grabs you with its beautiful graphics and intuitive controls, then refuses to let go of you with its addictive gameplay and wide range of human, online multiplayer and CPU opponents.

cue netplay ball pool online billiards multiplayer

pdf  editor software

PDF Editor by CAD-KAS GbR

Edit PDF files now! You can write annotations, add text, change the text (correct spell errors) or delete words completely. Now you canalso add or delete pictures and vector graphics and add text in any font you want! 11 new tools in the new version!

delete write add hide edit portable document format acrobat

webcam software

ManyCam by ManyCam LLC

ManyCam is free webcam software that allows you to use your webcam with multiple applications at the same time and add cool graphics to your webcam video window

video window video stream cool graphics virtual webcam manycam video streams

filelist software

Acute Softwares Filelist by Acute Software

This is a fast file viewer designed for people who use a lot of files at once in different directories, or who want to quickly view the contents of any text, graphics or HTML file. Also views Office documents.

list filelist utility viewing file fast lists

news software

Visualizer Today by Visualizer Image Group

Want to know more about photography, graphics or web developments? Feel like sharing your talent, knowledge and experiences with the rest of the world? Visualizer Today is a combination of online galleries, online discussions and freeware files.

software free news developmetns photo upload sharing

shoot-n-roll software

Shoot-n-Roll by Another Day LTD

Exciting arcade game with rich graphics and oceans of fun. Fight the hordes of crafty monsters in the best traditions of action games. Each of the more than 100 game levels is a hard nut to crack. Reactions and logical reasoning are a must.

arcade arcade game anotherdaygames game free lode runner fatman adventures

floorplan software

FloorPlan 3D Trial by IMSI

Design and Visualize Your Home in 3D. Easy-to-use Tools and Stunning Graphics give you the power to transform custom designs into superior photo-realistic 3D renderings.

realistic 3d renderings adding a deck home floorplan dream home dreams come true home remodeling

programmable software

GraphiCal by Wilhelm Kurz

GraphiCal is a programmable graphics calculator which lets you visualize expressions and formulas as graphs in a chart. Creates animated video clips from a sequence of graphs. Built-in functions (>50) include integration, root finding ..

formulas programmable video calculator programmable graphics calculator


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