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grapher software

Equation Grapher by GraphNow

Equation grapher is an easy-to-use software for 2D function graphing.

grapher function equation graph graphs table create 2d

calculator software

DreamCalc Graphing Calculator by Big Angry Dog Ltd

DreamCalc is the smarter alternative to a hand-held Graphing Calculator for your PC or laptop! You'll get the intuitive feel and productivity of using a professional hand-held, but one which adapts to your way of working.

calculator education educational schools science engineering statistical graphing calculator scientific calculator school calculator windows calculator educational software

grapher software

Function Grapher Advanced Edition by GraphNow

Function Grapher is a easy-to-use software for 2D, 2.5D and 3D function graphing, animation and table data visualization.

grapher 2 5d 3d animations contour map vector plot

ecgraph software

ecGraph by Encore Consulting Pty Ltd

Powerful graphing ActiveX control to create graphs in a huge range of styles. Great for scientific or technical graphs. Do a graph with just a few lines of code. Manipulate the layout at runtime. Multiple graphs. Drag, zoom and scroll. Much more.

ecgraph plotting plotter activex component control vb visual basic scientific engineering data powerful huge range styles

graph software

Advanced Grapher by Alentum Software, Inc.

Graphing, curve fitting and calculating software. Graphs Cartesian, polar and parametric functions, graphs of tables, implicit functions and inequalities. Calculus features: regression analysis, derivatives, tangents, normals and more.

graph graphs regression plotting curve fitting analysis plot function equation inequality polar parametric derivative calculus calculating

probability software

ESBPDF Analysis by ESB Consultancy

ESBPDF Analysis provides everything needed for using Discrete & Continuous Probability Distributions in a single application, handling all the Probability Combinations for you with Graphing and info! Designed for Win32 and optimised for Windows XP

probability normal binomial poisson chi square distributions mathematics calculator statistics lognormal chi-square chi-squared chi squared exponential easy probability distribution help tutorials

graphing software

RF21 by Christoph Hohmann

Graphing scientific calculator with ample support for user defined functions and libraries. Numeric features include derivation, integration, Monte Carlo simulations, Runge Kutta, matrix inversion, nonlinear equation systems, function minimizer.

calculator matrix inversion user defined integration nonlinear solver minimizer monte carlo runge kutta database gif supporting user functions monte carlo simulations

network software

PingGraph by Infix Technologies

PingGraph helps find and diagnose network problems by graphing ping times and and estimated bandwidth available on multiple connections. Email alerts inform you of networking trouble. Data is saved in an easy-to-use XML format.

network admin it utility lan bandwidth chart report ping shareware pinger icmp web monitor socket port status speed check available

mailmerge software

BB DOALL by B+B Systems, LLC

View/Edit/Manage all .dbf files for General data management, including MailMerge Files, Reports, Labels, Fast Search/Replace for mass changes, Graphing, etc.

mailmerge convert encrypt duplicates dbf foxpro xml view edit manage customizable interface

word software

WordFile4ME by ByronSoftware

The Staged Word Processor, early years to university level at stage 9. Open a document to reconfigure to stage it was saved. Fully featured including speech, MDI, OLE, column/ table, graphing, foreign language spell check, handles word & web files.

word spell word processor spell checker dictionary school home school tables primary university student ole mdi foreign language thesaurus wordbank winword


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