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3d software

3D Galaxy Screensaver by Deaddybear

3D Galaxy Screensaver, as you've already guessed from the name, is a three dimensional screensaver picturing a galaxy. The screensaver continues the space series of screensavers from

3d screensaver 3d screensaver space screensaver galaxy screensaver cool outer space 3d screensaver

tanks software

Tanks 3D by Deaddybear

Tanks 3D is, you guessed it, a 3D tank action game that supports LAN/Internet/single player play. It's tough, addictive and fun. It randomly generates new scenery to keep the odds fair, keep the odds favorable, and make it worth playing over and over

tanks tank bear battle action 3d arcade tanks 3d guessed 3d tank action game supports lan web

hangman software

A2Z Hangman by A2ZWare

This is a version of the classic hangman game which is designed to help grade school age children improve their vocabulary and spelling. It is appropriate for use in a classroom or at home.

hangman spelling vocabulary educational esl educational hangman game designed help children spelling vocabulary

foreign language software

Foreign Language Game Collection by Foreign Language Learning Homepage

Enjoy foreign language learnig with 5 motivating vocabulary games. The games adapt to the players knowledge and advances, accept synonyms, ignore typing errors and present themselves in an extreme simple, but well designed user interface.

foreign language language learning vocabulary trainer vocabulary game edugame word game call enjoy foreign language learnig 5 motivating vocabulary games

password generation software

Masking Password Generator Prof. Edition by AccuSolve, Inc.

Easy-to-use random password generator for individual computer users or large enterprises. Pattern a mask after your corporate password policy and never worry about thinking up compliant passwords again. Great tool for system administrators!

password generation masking password generator security random passwords random password generator random number generator easy-to-use random password generator individual corporate users

word software

MasterWord by CFB Software

CFB MasterWord is a Palm word game based on Mastermind and Jotto. It will appeal to anybody with a good knowledge of words and logical reasoning skills. The free trial version is intended to be easy enough for beginners and children.

word puzzle game mastermind jotto anagram jubbler esl spelling alphabet challenging game will test word logic skills

passwords software

Accent by Gitano Software, Inc.

Accent, a handy Windows application that makes you more productive by organizing your notes, passwords, calendar, and life. Information that used to be buried on your hard drive is now at your fingertips.

passwords registrations utilities notes calendar url internet launch organization manager images calculator windows utility organizes notes images passwords everything


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