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NeuroDiet by Neural Planner Software

NeuroDiet is a neural network application that learns how the foods you eat are related to your health and fitness. All the neural network functions are managed automatically. You don't need to know anything about neural networks.

health diet nutrition food neural network neurodiet learns how foods eat related health symptoms

 sms software

Quick SMS 2000 by EEOnline

QuickSMS 2000 allows anyone with a cell/mobile phone with built-in modem such as Siemens S35,S25,M35, Motorola Timeport's, Ericcson 310,380 etc. to send and receive SMS messages using their Laptop/Computer with a IrDa or cable connected to the phone

sms phone cell mobile messages

awem software

Star Defender by Awem studio

Welcome to the dangerous world of Star Defender! Enjoy the breathtaking graphics and professional music in this Space Invaders - like arcade game. Vertical-scrolling space shooter with elements of Tyrian, Raptor and Demon Star - taste it all now!

awem raptor defender tyrian space shooter galaxian invaders demonstar high-quality arcade excellent graphics breathtaking gameplay

motor bikes software

Motor Bikes Photo Screensaver by Photo Screensavers

While your computer is idle, five full size pictures appearing on your screen will give you the opportunity to take a close look at many different types of motor bikes. Don''t miss the chance to feel the speed and power.

motor bikes motor bikes photo motor bikes photo screensaver vehicles photo

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