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picaview software

PicaView by ACD Systems

PicaView is a Windows Explorer add-on that gives you all the functionality of an image viewer, mpeg viewer, jpeg viewer and movie viewer right from the Windows right click menu. You can even right click an mp3 or WAV file and hear it instantly!

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roger software

CommCenter by Random Software

Wouldn't it be great to be able to hear your opponents cursing, or to talk with your teammates to coordinate your attack? CommCenter works in the background while you play today's hottest games, letting you use your mic to talk with teammates.

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text to speech software

Aloud4ie by Madoogali

Aloud4ie is a floating Internet Explorer toolbar add-on that allows you to hear the web pages you are currently browsing. Once installed, Aloud4ie becomes part of Internet Explorer and is available as a set of Toolbar Buttons in your browser.

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typing software

Key2Speak by Madoogali

One of the best writing tips you could ever receive is to have text read aloud to you. Hearing the written word is often more revealing than reading it on a computer screen. This program is a handy companion for whenever you're writing.

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hearts software

Hardwood Hearts by Silver Creek Entertainment

You haven't played Hearts until you played Hardwood Hearts! It's an addicting game with gorgeous imagery and an alluring mystique. Grab your friends and play online, meet new people or just play by yourself. Free to tryout!

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freeware software

Music Tools by InspiredCode

BumpUp & BumpDown let you hear and edit the super high frequency content of your music. Desnap eliminates loud clicks from digital music without losing any brilliance. This is not a filter. It locates snap events and fixes them.

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slots software

slot_cupid.zip by RJ&PHJ

5 Reel X 9 payline slot with FreeSpin and Valentine theme (play up to 90 coins at a time). If you get a heart on the first 2 reels then another 3 spins are triggered in an attempt to get more hearts.

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music software

Happy Note! Sing 'n Learn Bass Clef ABC by Happy Note!

From 2 to 17 different notes in Bass Clef, 32 free music reading lessons to learn at your own pace. Hear and sing (or read) the notes at the same time! It is also fully compatible with the computer game Happy Note! Treble and Bass Clef.

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guitar software

NSA Song Player by NSA Software

The NSA Song Player helps you learn and create songs for the guitar. You can import tablature and hear it played to the Metronome speed you choose, or create your own songs and progressions. Now with 1200 chords, alternate tunings, staff and a capo.

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sumo software

Sumo Dance by RI Soft Systems

Dancing Sumo Wrestlers? You heard right! This silly screensaver animates several dancing sumo wrestlers. Based upon the web site www.sumodance.com.

sumo dance screensaver saver riss funny wrestler shows several different large sumo wrestlers dancing music


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